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Gal Gadot Stuns In Short Shorts, Superhero Top (Duh!), “Amazing Woman”

Actress Gal Gadot is a superhero and she plays one in theaters. Pretty cool, right! The divine Ms. Gadot is fresh off a supporting role in her sister’s dream wedding — check out the photos below — how magnificent. SWIPE away! For the record, the newly married sister Dana Gadot is every bit as enchanting, evidently, as her superstar sister!

And then without too much of a break, Gal gets right back to work. Here she is serenely examining a script in Wonder Woman-style comfort attire. That is, a sleeveless form-fitting athletic superhero top paired with some very elegant short shorts. Well, we should say we think it’s a script. Gal says she’s “getting ready for my next shot.” But we can’t see the pages! No matter, as one commenter rightly puts it: “Amazing Woman.”

And she’s wise too, as you know — the star certainly knew enough to take in as much as she could of Tel Aviv’s sunshine while there, and she generously shared the sun-soaking with fans. Speaking of fans, they love all of Gal’s short shorts choices, denim included…

Of course it doesn’t always have to be shorts, and it can be a bit hotter than serene also, when Gal Gadot gets in front of the camera. Amazing woman, indeed!

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