Tom Cruise new photos viral fans asked about his weight gain – Entertainment News India – Tom Cruise looks completely different, fans are commenting on the latest photo

Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise has fans all over the world. Whenever 59-year-old Tom Cruise is seen filming action sequences on screen, fans are convinced of his performance. Although the pictures of Tom that are going viral these days are due to some other reasons. Actually Tom was seen during a baseball match where he was difficult to identify. Seeing these pictures of him became viral on the internet.

Fans got confused
Tom’s face looked much swollen than before. Seeing them, it is difficult for the fans to recognize a bar. Tom Cruise is known for his charming looks. In the pictures it looks like he has gained weight. Fans are asking on social media what has happened to them.

Tom Cruise is seen sitting in the stands during Game 2 of the Baseball National League Division Series in San Francisco. Fans are asking if he has gained weight for his upcoming film or has he undergone any surgery.

social media reaction
One user wrote, ‘I am sure about these pictures that Tom Cruise has become Top Chef from Top Gun.’

One user wrote on Tom’s transformation- ‘This is not our Tom Cruise.’

One said, ‘Tom Cruise is 58 years old. Maybe it’s for his role or not… but still pandemic, let him enjoy some carbs.

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