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Here’s What You Need to Remember for ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 7

Morgan (Lennie James) and his friends are going to have not one but two apocalypses to endure on this season of Fear the Walking Dead.

Back in October 2020, “The End Is the Beginning” kicked off the events that brought about the end of the world—or at least the one very specific part of Texas—via nuclear warhead. While that’s a chunk of the main conflict, that’s not all you’ll need to remember from Season 6. Here’s what’s important to keep in mind as Fear’s next eight episodes play out on a baked landscape with gnarly, still hungry walkers.

Morgan and Grace Have a Baby
It’s not theirs, but they’re acting as parents for a child. Rufus, the bloodhound, had dragged a baby to them as the world was ending. This newfound “parenthood” is especially difficult for Grace (Karen David), who suffered a stillbirth only days earlier.

Everyone’s Split Up Again

The anthology-style storytelling of Season 6 appears to be continuing, as the main characters have again boiled down into several groups. June (Jenna Elfman) and John Dorie Sr. (Keith Carradine) are taking shelter in one bunker; Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Sherry (Christine Evangelista) in another; Morgan and Grace are riding out the storm in a submarine; and Strand (Colman Domingo) wound up in a building by himself.

Don’t Expect Strand and Morgan to Be Friends

Why is Strand alone? He did a very “Strand” thing in the penultimate episode, opting to throw Morgan to the walkers so he could try to stop Teddy (John Glover) himself. Because Morgan has plot armor the strength of diamonds, Strand failed. Understandably, he didn’t stick around too long after that.

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand, Fear the Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 1

Strand Is Living Life with No Regrets

Victor doesn’t feel too bad about what he did to Morgan, either. After surviving the blast, he took it as a sign that his instincts were correct and he was right to do everything he did, even trying to kill Morgan. Moving forward, it seems he’ll be doubling down on his “me first” brand of survival—and that might just make him a villain.

Alicia Is a Reluctant Leader

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey): For the final two episodes of Season 6, she was trapped in Teddy’s bunker along with some of his followers, whom she’s supposed to be leading. At least, that’s what Teddy wanted her to do. Time will tell whether she’s stepped up and taken charge.

fear the walking dead season 7 episode 6, maggie grace as althea

Al’s Connection to CRM Paid Off

A decent-size group of Morgan’s people—including Daniel (Ruben Blades), Sarah (Mo Collins), Luciana (Danay Garcia), Charlie (Alexa Nisenson), and Wes (Colby Hollman)—were saved when Al (Maggie Grace) called in help from her CRM-soldier girlfriend, Isabelle (Sydney Lemmon). She took them all away via helicopter, so they might not even be within the fallout zone anymore. It remains to be seen whether that tie to the Civic Republic ends up benefiting them…or putting them in greater danger.

We didn’t see Daniel’s four-legged orange friend in the finale, but the showrunners have confirmed the cat is still around. Maybe he stowed away on the helicopter?

Fear the Walking Dead, Season 7 Premiere, Sunday, October 17, 9/8c, AMC

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