Nicole Kidman compliments Keith Urban for being self-made, says he helps her be better actress

She coming home to Urban helps her decompress and play complicated roles

Nicole Kidman opened up about how her marriage to country singer Keith Urban helps her reach new heights as an actress.

The 53-year-old currently stars on the HBO Max series “The Undoing,” about a woman whose husband goes on the run after a body is discovered, shaking up their otherwise successful and picturesque Manhattan lifestyle.

Similar to other dark, psychological roles she’s played in the past, such as her part on “Big Little Lies,” Kidman credits her family with keeping her grounded in reality after spending her workdays marred in these very complicated and difficult characters.

Speaking to Glamour UK, the star explained that she used to find it difficult to get back to herself after getting immersed in her roles.

“You’re having to constantly dig into the depth of your past, your desires, your future – everything. My lifelong work is emotions and keeping them there, ripe and raw,” she explained. “Then being able to put them away and going to live your real life is the sort of the quandary. It’s like being a boxer. When you put a boxer in a ring you say, ‘OK, you’re allowed to knock that person out. Now, step out of the ring, go walk down the street and don’t hit anybody.’ That’s your discipline.”

Nicole Kidman stars alongside Hugh Grant in 'The Undoing.'
Nicole Kidman stars alongside Hugh Grant in ‘The Undoing.’ (HBO)

She added: “It’s a psychological discipline. As an actor, you’re told, ‘I want you to explore every facet of emotions and psychology. Now, go back into your real life and be totally normal.’”

She says that having a strong relationship with Urban, whom she married in 2006 and has two children with, provides the perfect environment for her to separate herself from her work.


“I have a very good relationship. It is a very soothing, comforting place for me to go, and he’s a very strong, warm, kind man,” she says of the country crooner, 53. ”I’m very fortunate to have that in my life, because it’s a really strong place to be able to go and curl up. And this is a lonely world, right?”

Kidman continued: “They say loneliness is the great killer. It causes so much pain and I’ve been lonely, and it is very, very, very hard. You see it in older people. You see it in young people. You see it now in this world. We can’t even hug anymore. Loneliness is an epidemic. So, I am very fortunate to come home to him. My heart goes out to the people who don’t have a person to go to now.”

The star concluded her thoughts on her husband by noting that it’s important to be with someone who understands the rewards that come with committing oneself to their art.

Nicole Kidman said Keith Urban has helped her be a better actress.
Nicole Kidman said Keith Urban has helped her be a better actress. (Getty)

“I also married a man who’s totally self-made and came from a background where he said every brick in his house is a gig. He grew up on a farm, literally in a shed,” she noted. “They didn’t have bedrooms. Four of them lived in a shed that subsequently burned down. They have talked of a community that came and helped their family because they had nothing.”

Ironically, the star explained that having a loving, honest husband to come home to has helped her play the part of a wife who has literally no idea who the man she married really is. 

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