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New Walking Dead Detail Connects Alpha To FTWD’s Alicia & Teddy

A new detail in Fear The Walking Dead connects Teddy & Alicia to Walking Dead's Alpha. While it may just be a nod, it could also be foreshadowing.

A new detail in Fear The Walking Dead has just connected Alicia and Teddy to The Walking Dead’s Alpha. Appearing as the primary antagonist in The Walking Dead’s seasons 9 and 10, Alpha was one of the show’s most menacing villains, while Teddy was Fear The Walking Dead’s season 6 villain following Virginia’s death. What’s interesting is that while Alicia and Teddy never met Alpha, a new detail on Fear The Walking Dead may hold symbolic meaning that connects all three characters.

As the leader of the Whisperers on The Walking Dead, Alpha waged a ruthless assault on the survivors. This included the now-infamous pike scene that saw the deaths of several key characters, including Henry and Tara. Alpha was ultimately killed by Negan as part of a plan hatched between him and Carol. Meanwhile, Teddy – a convicted serial killer – lead a cult with plans to nuke Texas and had Fear The Walking Dead’s lead Alicia confined to a bunker in hopes she’ll rebuild the world.

In Fear The Walking Dead season 7 episode 3, “Cindy Hawkins,” John Dorie Sr. found a box with newspaper clippings related to Teddy’s victims. On the box is an ouroboros logo – the very same logo featured on Alpha’s belt, in addition to Alicia’s painting found by Will and Strand during the season 7 premiere. While this may simply be just an easter egg for both Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead to connect to each other, it may actually be foreshadowing for events to come in Fear season 7, particularly surrounding Alicia.

Though they have never met, Alpha and Teddy were very similar villains; both were ruthless killers who believed the world could only be reborn through death. The ouroboros symbol – in which a serpent-like create devours its own tail before being reborn – essentially validates their philosophies. Since The Walking Dead’s Whisperer arc happens long after Teddy’s bombing of Texas when considering the timeline between both shows, it could be that Teddy (in one way or another) inspired Alpha to create the Whisperers.

The ouroboros symbol’s connection to Alicia suggests a dark theory about what will become of her. Since Fear The Walking Dead’s Alicia painting is drawn in the shape of the ouroboros, this could mean that during the time she remained in the bunker, she may have adopted Teddy’s philosophy and teachings to some degree. Whether this has changed her completely or she has found a way to rework his ideas is still unclear, particularly with how it pertains to the “Padre’ mystery. Given that the ouroboros has now connected her to two of The Walking Dead franchise’s most dangerous villains, there are certainly troubling implications for what comes next.

It’s unclear how much meaning the ouroboros symbol appearing on Teddy’s box in Fear The Walking Dead will connect to Alpha’s belt in The Walking Dead. However, Alicia’s painting shaped in the form of the symbol suggests there’s more to it. Turning Alicia into a villain would be a bold and risky move, so audiences will just have to wait and see what happens when she finally returns in season 7.

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