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The Matrix Resurrections Gets Cool New Poster Featuring Keanu Reeves

The Matrix Resurrections got the cool new promotional poster that gives Keanu Reeves' Neo the spotlight and features a mysterious character.

The Matrix Resurrections has received a new poster that puts Keanu Reeves’ Neo in the spotlight. The original Matrix trilogy was thought to have been ended due to how the story panned out, but it’s clear director Lana Wachowski still had more story to tell.

Wachowski has previously said in an interview that a personal loss is what inspired the return of The Matrix franchise, and more specifically the protagonists. The upcoming Matrix Resurrections won’t retcon or reboot what already was, rather it will add on to the existing story that was told when the original films were released.

With The Matrix 4 less than two months away from being released, the new promotional poster comes courtesy of HBO Max. The poster that fans got to see has the protagonist Neo front and center, walking away from the camera in the middle of a street. Funny enough the poster itself gives off very heavy John Wick vibes with the very empty and desolate feeling of the scenery. The shadowy protagonist is also dressed in all black, which feels like the famous assassin from the iconic John Wick franchise.

There is also another figure seen in the distance on the poster who may or may not be Jessica Henwick’s unknown character. Whoever they are, they are clearly about to receive a visit from Neo, who is making his way towards them. Of course, since the official synopsis for The Matrix Resurrections reveals that the film takes place in a world where “reality is more subjective,” anything is possible.

Referencing a subjective reality implies that this film will help promote very heavy discussions among viewers when they see the film this December. There’s no telling if Resurrections will start a whole new Matrix trilogy or if it will launch a new line of spin-offs in television, comic books, and video games. There could also be Matrix spin-off movies that center on entirely new characters or corners of the franchise’s universe, as the Star Wars anthology films have done.

The Matrix 4 could also be the final entry for the franchise, one that brings the story to a close once and for all. Some fans enjoy leaving things in the past, while others don’t like seeing things end because it means a lot to them.

The Matrix Resurrections will be in theaters and on HBO Max starting December 22nd, 2021.

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