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Gal Gadot Shares Wonder Woman & Snow White Evil Queen Crossover Fan Art

Gal Gadot shares fan art crossing over her iconic role of Wonder Woman with her upcoming role as the Evil Queen in the live-action Snow White.

Gal Gadot has taken to social media to share fan art crossing over Wonder Woman and Snow White’s Evil Queen. The actress is arguably best known for her role as Diana Prince in the DCEU. However, it was recently announced that she would take on the role of the Evil Queen in a live-action retelling of Snow White for Disney.

Gal Gadot made her first impression on audiences as Gisele in Universal’s Fast & Furious franchise. She appeared in 4 films in that franchise before taking those qualities to the DC world for the highly-coveted role of Diana Prince in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Her role as Wonder Woman has since made her one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood, leading to numerous other roles in DC film (including her own solo Wonder Woman franchise) and newer roles, such as Netflix’s latest action-caper Red Notice. Gadot will soon bring that bankability under the Disney banner to take on the role of the Evil Queen in the Marc Webb-directed reboot of Snow White, starring alongside Rachel Zegler, who will portray the titular princess.

Now, with one iconic role under her belt and another potentially iconic role on the way, Gal Gadot has apparently taken notice of fan appreciation for her work and addressed fan reactions to the Evil Queen. Specifically, the actress took to Instagram to share fan art crossing over her DC hero with her upcoming Disney villain. Check out the post below.

Clearly, there are several different artistic styles on display in those pieces of fan art. One feels like a classic piece of Walt Disney Animation, while another goes the comic book route and makes the Evil Queen feel ripped straight from the pages of DC Comics. Then there are others that take a modern approach to the animation style, depicting Gal Gadot as both Wonder Woman and the evil Disney villainess.

Looking at all these images shared by Gal Gadot, it’s easy to get excited about the possibility of a crossover between these two characters. That said, while the chances of something like a Marvel and DC crossover happening grow more and more likely with each passing year, the chances of something like this happening seem slim. For now, audiences will just have to settle for catching Gal Gadot in these two separate projects. In the meantime, audiences can catch Gal Gadot in Red Notice, which is streaming on Netflix.

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