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The Suicide Squad BTS Video Shows Harley Quinn Escape Scene In One Take

The Suicide Squad director James Gunn treats fans with a behind-scenes-look at the original fight choreography from Harley Quinn's big escape scene.

Director James Gunn has shared a behind-the-scenes video of the original fight choreography for Harley Quinn’s escape scene in The Suicide Squad. Marking Margot Robbie’s third turn in the role of DC’s favorite Clown Princess of Crime, this year’s The Suicide Squad marked a return to form for the DCEU, which faced a number of critical and commercial stumbles in its earliest years. This included the much-maligned 2016 Suicide Squad, which first introduced Robbie as Harley Quinn. Praised for its face-paced action and skewed sense of humor, Gunn’s take on the DC property grossed over $167 million at the worldwide box office, and it is estimated that over four million households streamed the film in the first 10 days of its simultaneous release on HBO Max.

The Suicide Squad saw Harley’s return to Belle Reve prison, and Amanda Waller’s clandestine Task Force X after her initial escape featured at the end of the original 2016 film. Previously touted by Gunn as a film which incorporated more practical effects than most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe combined, Gunn tapped stunt coordinator Guy Norris, who also worked in the same capacity on David Ayer’s own Suicide Squad entry. A long-established stunt performer who first began his career as part the stunt team on 1981’s Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, Norris is also returning to the Mad Max franchise as the supervising stunt coordinator on the Fury Road prequel Furiosa, due for release in 2024.

Most recently, Gunn has taken to Twitter to share a video of Norris and his stunt team on The Suicide Squad designing the film’s now-infamous escape scene. The sequence in question occurs when Harley fights her way out the Corto Maltese presidential palace. Filmed in slow motion, the original fight choreography demonstrates the apparent skill of those involved in the production and the enormous work which went into delivering the final scene. Check out Gunn’s video below:

While the final sequence is a true feast for the eyes, with digitally inserted flower effects used to replace the spray of blood, this bare bones version of the scene is still a clearly an impressive display of stunt work and a genuine treat for fans of The Suicide Squad. Even without the benefits of editing and visual effects, it is still easy to see how many of the same moves made their way to the screen in the final product. While it is easy for film audiences to heap praise upon the more visible stars of the movie like Robbie, Idris Elba and John Cena, it is clear that Gunn’s entire crew went all out for his R-rated DC extravaganza.

While Gunn is now currently back on the Marvel side of the fence and has commenced production on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, he still clearly has his time working for DC at the forefront of his mind, especially with the spinoff Peacemaker series set to debut on HBO Max early next year. Certainly many fans are keen see Gunn return to the DCEU once his time on Guardians of the Galaxy is done, something the director himself has recently confirmed is most definitely on the cards. While it is not yet known what Gunn’s next DC project will be, most fans of The Suicide Squad seem to be hoping it will also involve Robbie’s return as the much beloved Harley Quinn.

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