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How Scarlett Johansson Convinced U2 to Take Part in ‘Sing 2’

Bono is one of the stars of the new animated film Sing 2, which hits theaters on Christmas Day. However, U2’s music will also be present in the film, which needed the approval of the whole band, and the person that convinced them to allow their music to be used in the film is rather surprising.

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, Bono touched on his conversation with the band about having various U2 songs featured in the film.

Bono said, “The question from the band’s point of view was, ‘This is inspired by a kids’ film, right?’ Yeah this is a great artist, [director] Garth [Jennings], and we should be honored to be part of this. There’s going to be other U2 songs — ‘What?! It’s not just one song?’ ‘No, if we’re in this, we’re in all the way. I’m going to be in the film.’ ‘You’re going to be in the film?’”

Clearly, the band needed some convincing to allow for their music to be used in Sing 2. Enter Scarlett Johansson.

Bono shared a recording of Johansson singing their song “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of.” (Johansson plays a porcupine named Ash in Sing and Sing 2.) Apparently, that recording changed everything.

“Scarlett is besotted by music,” said Bono. “She approached that very tenderly. She made the song her own. And you have to true in that moment or people wouldn’t care. I wasn’t surprised she could pull it off. But the band were. I think it stunned them all. I just had to put that scene on: ‘OK? Your songs are in good hands.’”

In addition to some of U2’s most popular songs being featured in Sing 2, the band also wrote a new song for the film titled “Your Song Saved My Life” that was released last month. The track can be heard below and is available for streaming and download here.

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