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Keanu Reeves Becomes the Ghost Of Tsushima In Cutscene Deepfakes

YouTuber Stryder HD created a series of cutscene deepfakes for Ghost of Tsushima that replaces Jin Sakai's visage with that of Keanu Reeves.

A new deepfake video from YouTuber Stryder HD places Keanu Reeves in the role of Ghost of Tsushima protagonist Jin Sakai. Both the actor and the Sucker Punch-developed action title have been the talk of the town of late. Reeves starred in last year’s Cyberpunk 2077 and has a few exciting projects in the works. Meanwhile, Sony Pictures recently announced a Ghost of Tsushima film adaptation from the John Wick director, Chad Stahelski.

As many a Keanu Reeves fan knows, the celebrated actor is no stranger to samurai roles. Reeves starred in 2013’s critically panned 47 Ronin, an 18th Century Japan-set action film loosely based on the historical forty-seven rōnin event, wherein a group of former samurai banded together to avenge their deceased master’s honor. The critically acclaimed Ghost of Tsushima takes place in feudal Japan during the late 13th Century, borrowing heavily from the Mongols’ historical invasion of Tsushima. Players assume the role of Jin Sakai, the titular Ghost, who abandons the honorable samurai teachings in favor of stealth and deception tactics.

Last week, YouTuber Stryder HD uploaded “Keanu Reeves is The Ronin of Tsushima,” a deepfake video voted on by the channel’s community of viewers. The video runs just over 12 minutes in length, replacing Jin Sakai’s visage with that of the John Wick actor. Stryder HD’s deepfake covers several major moments from the experience, including Ghost of Tsushima’s intense opening segment and Jin’s epic fight with Ryuzo. Even the heartbreaking battle at the tail end of the open-world title features in the video. Check it out below:

It’s all very uncanny and quite eerie, as well. Compared to other video game-related deepfakes, though, this one arguably does not count as the most unsettling of the bunch. The deepfake does get one key point across, however – Jin would look great with Keanu Reeves-styled facial hair.

Ghost of Tsushima hit store shelves last summer, launching to critical acclaim across the board. Fan reception has been nothing short of stellar either, with word-of-mouth especially proving positive. It’s no wonder, then, that Sucker Punch’s latest open-world adventure sold so well early on. And it continues to experience a strong performance on the sales charts. According to Sony’s most recent count, the title has moved an impressive 6.5 million units worldwide.

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