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Scarlett Johansson Explains Why She Doesn’t Use Social Media

Scarlett Johansson has opened up about why she still doesn’t feel the need to use social media ahead of her reprised role as Ash in Sing 2.

Today, January 28, the all-star cast of animal performers led by koala Buster Moon have returned for a second time to revamp some of our favourite throwback tunes, and spread some more reflective, poignant, and positive messages, which will be sure to resonate with those of all ages.

Returning to the family favourite musical are none other than Black Widow’s Scarlett Johansson, singer-songwriter Tori Kelly, and Dallas Buyers Club’s Matthew McConaughey.

However, while Johansson opened up about her character Ash’s development from the first film, the actress’ own views regarding social media have yet to change.

Johansson noted how since the first film, teenage porcupine Ash has not only ‘really found her own voice’, but she is now using her own journey to help guide others on theirs.

‘You know i think, in the first Sing, Ash really found her own voice, and now in this film is helping another character sort of rediscover their own voice, and i think she just has a lot of compassion.

‘She’s very empathetic, and you know, it’s kind of admirable that she’s used what she’s learned to help other people to get through their difficult time. That’s what i like about her,’ she commented.

Despite social media being a common method and platform that can help people raise their voices, or those of others, Johansson herself has continued to give it a wide berth.

She noted, ‘I didn’t grow up with social media. I was already semi-formed when when it was around, so I think I just don’t have the brain capacity for it. I already find keeping up with friends and family, that occupies a lot of my mind.’

Johansson explained that because she’s never had such platforms, she doesn’t know if she’s ‘missing it’.

‘But I can’t imagine that I am, maybe I am? I must be missing some fun stuff about it,’ she said.

Johansson joked that being ‘late to the game’ she’s only just discovered the stickers on her phone and is now ‘sticking everything’.

‘I’ve got a great emoji game but social media just seems very complicated,’ she explained.

McConaughey, who stars in the leading role as Buster Moon, expressed his excitement at leaping back into the world of singing animals.

‘It was exciting to step back in Buster Moon’s shoes – the eternal optimism, the hope, the drive, the hustle that he’s got.

‘I had to go back with Garth the director, and pull up the first film again to get back in the zone. We had to go back through the script, to talk about what are the scenarios, and how is Buster the same character that he was in the first one, but how’s he different in this one.

‘But after a couple of days, it felt like i found the metre and found the music of Buster again, and then it was just fun and easy,’ he said.

While the actor spoke of jumping eagerly back into his role as Buster Moon, he gave no clues about whether or not he would be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the new Norman Osborn, as per the swirling rumours, instead – much to many’s despair – he simply stated, ‘No comment.’

However, McConaughey did let slip to fans that – spurred on by the sing-a-long nature of the film – his latest favourite karaoke song to belt out is Pink Houses by John Mellencamp.

He explained, ‘Listen to that tune, listen to the lyrics of that tune, they sound like what we need to be listening to and learning today.’

Sing 2 is in cinemas now. 

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