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Audiences are going wild for Gal Gadot’s line about Champagne in Death on the Nile

The major new Hollywood adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile has gained a cult following already due to a specific line about Champagne delivered by Gal Gadot.

Yes, wine is having a major moment in Hollywood at the moment. Whether its biodynamic and natural wine being sent up in the blisteringly brilliant Succession, or the wine-drinking lead character in Netflix’s The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window, wine is enjoying its time in the limelight.

And reports suggest that move-goers are loving Gal Gadot’s line about Champagne in the new big budget adaptation of Death on the Nile that they’re erupting into spontaneous cheers.

Early in the movie, Gadot’s character brags that the guests on board the ship have “enough Champagne to fill the Nile”, while emptying her flute into the river.

“i went to watch death on the nile i was shocked by the audience’s reaction when gal gadot releases the famous phrase “enough champagne to fill the nile!!”” One Twitter user wrote, alongside footage of a movie theatre full of people going absolutely bonkers when the iconic moment played out.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user wrote, “If my screening of DEATH ON THE NILE next week doesn’t come with enough complimentary theater champagne to fill the Nile, is it even worth it?” Alongside a GIF of the iconic moment.

A reporter for Vulture who is doing essential and excellent work pointed out that they did not, in fact, have enough Champagne on board to sink the Nile. To see their workings and read a highly entertaining article, click here.

Elsewhere, Château Malartic-Lagravière 1920 features prominently in the movie (as first reported by Wine Spectator).

The bottles feature heavily in the movie’s trailer and throughout, with a Kenneth Branagh-signed bottle previously being auctioned with proceeds going to Movember.

Death on the Nile is showing in cinemas now.

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