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Megan Fox’s New Manicure Is Bratz Dolls-Inspired

If there’s one thing Megan Fox is known for — aside from her acting career — it’s her willingness to try it all when it comes to fashion and beauty. From chaining herself to rockstar fiancé Machine Gun Kelly by their matching manicures to wearing a faux bang hairpiece to the Met Gala, it’s safe to say that Fox can pull off anything and everything she wears. That’s why it’s no surprise that the slime green manicure she posted to Instagram on Monday, February 21, 2022 is one of her best looks yet — and it’s got some nostalgic inspiration behind it.

While attending the 2022 NBA All-Star Game, the Jennifer’s Body star posted a series of photos to her Instagram feed, showing off not only her matching suit set but the accessories that she paired with it. According to the photo’s caption, Fox was “going for business casual Bratz doll” with her bold get-up. While her mandarin-hued, bow-shaped purse drew all my attention in the first picture, Fox thankfully gave fans a closer look at her manicure in the carousel’s second photo. Though she kept the almond-shaped style she showed off earlier this month, it looks as if Fox did a quick color change and swapped out her previous banana candy yellow for a bright, eye-catching green.

And while her nails have nothing to do with either of the team’s colors (trust me, I checked), I can’t help but get excited over what her stylist, Maeve Reilly, is going to dress her in next. As she’s known for styling monochrome looks, I’m thinking she’ll opt for a loosely fitted two-piece set similar to what Fox wore here, but perhaps in the same fluorescent color as her current electric green manicure. But who knows, Fox could have already changed her nails by the time you’re reading this, given her track record. I wouldn’t be surprised.

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