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Bella and Gigi Hadid Walked Down the Runway with Bleached Eyebrows

The sister-model duo's blonde brows were met with an unlikely eye shadow pairing on the runway.

Corsets, latex tights, and micro dresses certainly raised some eyebrows at Versace’s February 25 Fall/Winter 2022 runway show in Milan. But sister-model duo Bella and Gigi Hadid‘s overly bleached eyebrows may have caused even more raised brows among the show’s attendees. They were just two of the many models that paraded down the runway wearing some über-blonde brows. 

Bleached eyebrows are certainly not a trend that’s new to the streets, or to the catwalks for that matter. In fact, they were a beauty fixture on many of the runways in 2021, including Balmain and Jean-Paul Gaultier. Lizzo even gave them a try back in the summer of 2021. But the Versace runway take on the blonde brows was paired with an unexpected eye makeup look. Each of the models’ eyes appeared to have been overlined with some jet-black eyeliner, eye shadow, or even a mix of both. 

Makeup artist Pat McGrath was responsible for all things makeup at the show. McGrath shared a video of the show on her Instagram that was paired with the caption: “VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE. Major moments from @versace @donatella_versace #VersaceFW22 with #makeupbypatmcgrath #teampatmcgrath.”

Bella Hadid with bleached eyebrows on the FW 2022 Versace runway in Milan.
Getty Images

If this look hasn’t been recreated ten times over already, I’m sure that TikTok’s beauty community will hop right on it real soon. The color contrast between the brows and eyes makes it all the more enticing to experiment with this look. 

Gigi Hadid wearing bleached eyebrows on the Versace runway at Milan Fashion Week
Getty Images

Bleached brows already made a splash with TikTok users and celebrities alike in 2021, so it’s not too far-fetched to predict that this particular look featuring blonde brows and dark eye shadow could be everywhere in the months to come. Thanks for the makeup inspiration, Versace! 

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