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Angelina Jolie Sheds Light On Lives Of Civilians ‘trapped’ In Ukraine Amid War With Russia

The Russia-Ukraine crisis has been escalating with every passing day. The Russian invasion of Ukraine began by the end of last month and the shelling is still continuing. Over a million Ukrainians have fled their homeland to stay safe amid the war and are seeking shelter in neighbouring countries. While many left the country, there is a mass of people still in Ukraine struggling to keep their children safe amid the fear of shelling and attacks. Actor Angelina Jolie recently shed light on the same by sharing a video of a mother trying to keep her children safe in bizarre conditions.

Angelina Jolie has been working with UNICEF and UNHCR for the people of Ukraine for the past few days. She recently took to her Instagram handle and asked her followers to take some time out and watch a video of a mother who struggles in keeping her children safe in the basement of a house in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The video saw a mother talking about the conditions around her and trying to make sure her children are safe.

Sharing the video, Angelina Jolie wrote, “If you can, please take a minute to watch this video, shared with me by @unicef, of a Ukrainian mother Maryna struggling to keep her children safe, amid fear of shelling and attack.” She further quipped this is the reality of civilians who are trapped in the Russia-Ukraine war. She also mentioned how not only Ukrainians but the refugees from Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan, who seemed shelter in the country years ago, are again being uprooted.

Angelina Jolie ensures UNICEF and UNHCR are providing aid to Ukraine civilians

She wrote, “This is the reality of life for civilians trapped and displaced by conflict – including an estimated 7.5 million Ukrainian children, their parents and families, and refugees from countries such as Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria who’d fled to Ukraine and now face being uprooted again, as well as students from India and African nations.” The Hollywood star confirmed she is ensuring aid and urgent supplies are being provided to the civilians stuck in the crisis. She wrote, “Ensuring that aid and supplies can reach trapped civilians is urgent for all people in Ukraine. UNICEF and UNHCR @refugees and partners including brave local organizations are working hard to reach those in need and deliver aid relief wherever possible.”

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