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Fans Congratulate Scarlett Johansson After It’s Revealed She Gave Birth To Her First Child With Colin Jost

Scarlett's baby daddy Colin Jost, took to social media to declare that he was now the father of a baby boy.

It was only recently revealed that Scarlett Johansson was pregnant, and today, the news is already igniting with updates on the fact that she has already given birth.

This is Scarlett’s second child, but the birth of this brand new bundle of joy makes her husband, Colin Jost, a father for the very first time.

The proud papa took to social media to declare that he was now the father of a baby boy, and immediately asked for privacy, directing all questions and comments to the couple’s publicist, to avoid being inundated.

Scarlett Johannson’s Secret Pregnancy

Many celebrities flaunt their baby bumps and post photos and updates about their pregnancies along the way, but Scarlett Johannson and Colin Jost opted to keep this personal experience to themselves.

The couple revealed their exciting news to the press early in July, and it served as an explanation to Scarlett Johannson’s very low profile when it came to promoting her new movie, Black Widow.

It was previously reported that the couple was having a baby girl, but Colin Jost’s Instagram page states otherwise.

The Quick Baby Update

Scarlett is already a mom to her 6 year old daughter Rose, who she shares with her ex-husband Romain Dauriac.

This will be Colin Jost’s first experience at being a dad, and it seems he’s hoping to keep this a family affair, with minimal intervention from the press and media.

His Instagram post served as a quick update and reminder to fans that he won’t be revealing too much, aside from sharing the good news that his baby boy has just entered the world.

Fans were quick to send congratulatory messages to the couple, with comments such as; “congrats to the lovely family,” “enjoy your beautiful baby boy,” and “congrats, this is so special.”

Other comments included; “wow we just found out she was pregnant! This is the best surprise!”

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