Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid Reveals Ice-Cold Blonde Hair

Gigi Hadid Reveals Ice-Cold Blonde Hair

Going against the grain of recent hair color trends like copper red and gingerbread brownGigi Hadid has dyed her sleek, flowing long hair icy white-blonde.

For a model like Hadid, being on the go and changing hair colors and styles may be nothing new. However, becoming a stark platinum blonde like this is no easy feat, even if you were naturally born with light-colored locks. Root touch-ups, deep conditioning and hair masks will be vital in maintaining the health of bleached and dyed hair. If anything, Hadid may soon go back to her darker roots to recover from this extremely light lift.

For anyone who’s also going for a drastic color change, look to products like Olaplex‘s haircare line formulated to maintain the life in such strained strands after high amounts of bleaching.

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