Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid Is Loving Life As A Platinum Blonde

After a long fashion month, Gigi Hadid is back in New York and apparently loving life as a platinum blonde. The supermodel was photographed walking down the street laughing with a friend, her ice-white hair tied scraped back into a low ponytail, nailing that model-off-duty look.

It’s been a week since Hadid unveiled her fresh locks, which she debuted as part of Riccardo Tisci’s spectacular autumn/winter 2022 show for Burberry, and already we’re considering reaching for the bleach. But there are a couple of things to bear in mind when working with bleach.

“In terms of upkeep, you can’t just grab your straighteners or curling tongs or a hot hair dryer and use it like normal,” points out master colourist and founder of Bleach London, Alex Brownsell. “I always say to my clients, ‘It’s like coming to me with a pair of jeans and me giving you a pair of dry-clean-only silk trousers to go home with – you can maintain the condition of those trousers just as well as the jeans if you look after them properly.” So, what can one do to maintain bleached locks?

“Treatments are essential,” says Brownsell. “Especially protein-heavy ones. So, use something like one of our Bleach treatments or an Olaplex-type treatment – something that’s going to give you a bit more support.” Brownsell also recommends brushing your hair a lot and using a silk pillowcase to protect it against the friction caused by your pillow. Other than that, you are good to go and get your Gigi Hadid on.

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