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Keanu Reeves’ Motorcycle Company Open to the Idea of Developing an Electric Bike

Ever since starting ARCH Motorcycles, Keanu Reeves has had his eye on making great custom bikes. So, is an electric motorcycle coming? That’s something that Gard Hollinger, co-founder of ARCH, and the actor have been thinking about. Because, how could they not?

The company posts videos and things up on its website. A recent interview showed the two talking about the potential of an ARCH electric bike. With the way that the automobile industry is moving and the future of electric vehicles, it’s a no-brainer. However, it isn’t something the custom-fitted company wants to rush into.

“Electric vehicle trends are obvious, and like cars, it is impossible to ignore that electric motorcycles will play an important role and could become the primary drivetrain of choice I hope, in some way, the internal combustion engine will survive for more years to come given the emotion they can bring to the riding experience,” Hollinger said.

“We have a lot of hope and we have a lot of ambition, and desire to create and present something that we love,” Reeves added to the conversation.

It really seems like they are on the way to developing their own drivetrain before they do anything else big like an electric motorcycle. Hollinger has tweaked with combustion engines almost his entire life. He isn’t ready to set them side just yet.

“We live in a time right now where there’s so much discussion about what powers vehicles of the future…and so the idea of being able to develop our own drivetrains – whether that’s electric or internal combustion – I think all of those things are really what make ARCH what it is.”

After 11 years in business, Keanu Reeves has built quite a reputation for his custom motorcycle builds.

Keanu Reeves Motorcycle Company Makes Custom Rides

The whole thing behind ARCH is that each motorcycle is a custom-made machine. When you see an ARCH bike, you know what it is. And you definitely know what it isn’t. These things are like a modern Frankenstein that takes all of the great components from the custom bikes of the past and puts them into one modern piece of art.

It all started when Reeves asked Hollinger to build him a custom Harley-Davidson. The only thing is, by the time it was built, the Harley wasn’t really a Harley. Only the engine remained an HD part. The rest was custom made and it inspired the actor to do more work with Hollinger.

Soon after that, the company was born. These bikes aren’t cheap, that’s for sure. But if you’re looking for a custom bike, then you probably have $80,000 or so to spare. Each bike looks like a piece from the John Wick franchise and fits the rider perfectly.

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