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Gigi Hadid Accessorized Her All-Blue ‘Fit with a Slice of Pizza

There’s no questioning Gigi Hadid‘s status as one of the top supermodels, but it turns out, she’s pretty great at managing to eat pizza without messing up her glam too. The Maybelline ambassador was spotted posing for a new campaign on March 30, and we’re in love with every image.

Standing atop taxi cabs in New York City, the newly platinum blonde model was wearing an entirely blue outfit. The sky blue hue was incorporated in every part of her wardrobe, beginning with a suit jacket. Beneath the stylish blazer, Gigi wore a drawstring hoodie. 

Her photoshoot-ready look was completed with a long, billowing tulle skirt and matching chunky boots. Look closely and you might even notice a blue manicure. 

The soft pastel ‘fit was noteworthy enough on its own, but as this was a Maybelline campaign, Gigi’s glam was also on point. Wearing a shade of bright berry red lipstick, she apparently stopped for a pizza break. Keeping lipstick on is truly a challenge, particularly when you’re chowing down on a slice, but Gigi’s lip looked as flawless as ever.  Let’s also take a moment to appreciate the shimmer placed in the inner eye corners.

Gigi Hadid is seen filming for Maybelline in Tribeca on March 30 2022 in New York City.

Of course, it’s likely the model may have had a midday makeup touchup, but we’re loving that she matched her choice of snack to her lip color. After her pizza break, the snapping resumed and Gigi was photographed laying back against a yellow taxi cab.

Gigi is the latest celeb to embrace the blazer. While Gigi’s blue jacket was a bit more tailored, Kendall Jenner wore an oversized option that she paired with shorts. Gigi’s particular styling is definitely worth a DIY, especially in such spring-ready shades. If jackets aren’t your thing, you could always pair your favorite hoodie with a tulle skirt. Just don’t forget to accessorize with pizza and a bold lip.

Gigi Hadid is seen filming for Maybelline in Tribeca on March 30 2022 in New York City.

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