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10 ‘Walking Dead’ Storylines That Need To Wrap Up Before The Series Finale

The end is near for The Walking Dead. After 11 seasons spanning 12 years on AMC, the hit zombie apocalypse show is taking its final bow in Fall 2022, and they’ve got some ‘splaining to do.

The second part of Season 11 left viewers with more questions than answers about The Commonwealth, the mystery of some characters’ back-burner storylines, and the show’s biggest enigma since Season 9: where is Rick Grimes? There’s a good chunk of the story that needs to be wrapped up, and the series only has eight episodes left to satisfy its faithful fans.

Spoilers for Season 11 of The Walking Dead

Oceanside’s Fate

Oceanside has been a memorable community since Season 7, and while it’s played a little role in Season 11, it became home to one of the season’s biggest cliffhangers in the 11B finale.

Lance Hornsby, the creepy Deputy Governor of The Commonwealth, has made it no secret he’s after every surrounding community. While he particularly had his sights set on Alexandria, Oceanside’s fate has been left literally in his hands with the flip of a coin, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats for what’s about to come.

The Commonwealth Takedown

The Commonwealth is one of the largest communities The Walking Dead characters have come across in the apocalypse, with everyday apparatuses that are now considered advanced, like electricity, running water, and currency.

Its cool gizmos and gadgets didn’t fool the Alexandrians, who are on to the strange behavior of some of its highest citizens. Season 11 sets up the ongoing stories of Carol keeping an eye on Hornsby, Connie and Kelly taking down The Miltons with the help of Eugene and Max, and Sebastian’s inevitable demise at the hand of his nemesis Daryl.

Alexandria’s Rebirth

Rick’s group of survivors have taken shelter in many places over the seasons — anywhere from a campsite, to a prison, to The Greene Family Farm — but there’s been no place like home than Alexandria.

The once beautiful community has been through the wringer in recent years, between the Saviors’ destruction and the recent takeover by The Commonwealth, and fans of the show universally agree that Alexandria is where their favorite characters belong when the series says goodbye.

Eugene’s Novel

Writing a book in the middle of an apocalypse without the likes of laptops or computers or Microsoft Word can’t be an easy thing, but as revealed at the start of 11B, Eugene was genius enough to do it.

Even after he made every writer out there cringe by burning his handwritten manuscript, he assured his new girlfriend Max that he still had every word in his memory. While some fans theorized that the entire show was simply Eugene’s novel, others just need to see the character finish what he started by the show’s end.

What Happened To Daryl And Connie’s Romance?

Despite TWD megafans longing for a romance between Daryl and Carol (even actress Yvette Nicole Brown ships it), a sweet and hopeful romance started to blossom between Daryl and Connie in Season 10.

When Connie finally returned after being trapped in a cave, viewers assumed Daryl would pick up where he left off and pursue their relationship. Two of three parts of Season 11 have flown by with merely one scene between the two characters, leaving fans wondering what “Donnie’s” fate will be.

Judith’s True Paternity

Born in the middle of an apocalypse to a mother who died at childbirth and an older brother who doesn’t survive, Judith has proven to be a fighter in this new world. Still, an age-old question has followed the character since before she was even born.

Sure, Lori got pregnant with Judith when having an affair with Shane while Rick was in a coma. And sure, Rick raised her like his own after the deaths of her supposed birth parents. Everyone has been left wondering since Season 1 who Judith’s true father is, and maybe the series finale will find a way to give everyone some closure.

Maggie And Negan’s Spin-off

The rivalry between Negan and Maggie has been an ongoing story on The Walking Dead since that fateful night in Season 7 when both the viewers and characters were left devastated by Negan’s brutal murder of Glenn.

With the premature announcement of Negan and Maggie’s upcoming spin-off based in New York City, viewers assume The Walking Dead will continue paving the way for this sequel show by either mending the fences between the enemies or giving Maggie a reason to hunt Negan down in the Big Apple.

The Kids Are All Right

The list of children has grown within the communities over the years, giving fans of their parents some lovable mini-mes like Maggie and Glenn’s son Hershel, Aaron’s daughter Gracie, and Rick’s kids Judith and RJ.

Everything these parents have done in the apocalypse has been for a better future for their children, and more than anything, The Walking Dead needs to leave viewers content with the lives of the children they’ve watched grow up.

Where Is Luke?

One of the biggest mysteries in Season 11 of The Walking Dead has been about the absence of the fan-favorite music teacher Luke, who came on the scene in Season 9 along with Yumiko, Magna, Connie and Kelly.

The demand for the character’s whereabouts made its way to Luke’s portrayer, Dan Fogler, who gave a little insight into where Luke’s been. “I suspect that he’s over at Oceanside, just living it up on the beach there, having a good time,” said Fogler during a panel at Fandemic Tour Atlanta before teasing the character’s possible return in 11C.

More Importantly: Where Is Rick?

Rick Grimes has been a fan-favorite character since the very first episode. The Walking Dead revolved around Rick and his group of survivors up until Andrew Lincoln’s departure from the series in Season 9 with a mysterious lift-off in a helicopter.

TWD fans have speculated for years over how the series will conclude and how Rick ties into it all. Is he still in a coma? Is he immune? Did he really see a helicopter fly over the city in the pilot episode? Viewers expect to have all these questions answered with the hopeful return of Rick by the end of the series.

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