BLACKPINK Lisa Reveals How She Met Jennie: Read Here

Blackpink girls Lisa and Jennie's friendship details shared.

Blackpink girls Lisa and Jennie share a very cute bond of friendship and sisterhood, and this shows in the way they gel and bond. There are times when the two of them share a lot of secrets about themselves, and even have a hearty chat on topics all over. However, in an interview, Lisa actually went down the memory lane to talk of that big moment when she got introduced to Jennie. A report on indianexpress.com talked about it and we take reference from that story for our write up here.

In an old interview to Rolling Stone, Lisa recalled how she met each member from the band during the training process. Lisa,who is from Thailand, and Jennie share a close friendship and sisterhood, and even call themselves ‘JenLisa’, much to the joy of Blinks. Apart from zoning out and being in their own world during concerts, and laughing over outfits, fans particularly enjoy compiling videos of their moments together.

Speaking about their bond, Lisa once said, “I met Jennie first, and then after that, I met Jisoo and Rose.” Regarding her first impressions, she said, “I remember Jennie was the only one who said hi to me in English… We were super close… Jisoo, I remember when I first saw her she wore a red hoodie and she came to practice wearing that every day and Rosie had a guitar with her… She’s the same age as me so it was exciting to have a new friend come in.” In fact, Jennie once made an emotional speech for Lisa after a performance in Thai, praising her for ‘high energy’. She also said, “You’re my baby sister.”

Wow!! This is a cute bond that they share!!

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