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10 Things That Happened At The End Of The Walking Dead’s Comics That Can’t Happen In The TV Show

The Walking Dead will have to make some major changes to the ending from the comic book thanks to so many characters leaving the show.

The Walking Dead is winding down its main series, and this series is headed toward what looks like the same ending as the comic book series. In the comics, the survivors ended up integrating themselves into the Commonwealth community, which came with its own set of dangers. However, a series of death and sadness ended with signs of hope.

While The Walking Dead looks like it will end up with the same endpoint as the comics, many things can and never will happen. Some things look like they will happen, but with entirely different characters in the roles. This is because the TV show has lost actors who played characters that made it to the end, forcing changes to the adaptation.

Rick Grimes Leads Survivors To The Future

Rick Grimes is not dead in the world of The Walking Dead. However, both actor Andrew Lincoln and the producers of the main series have said he will not be back on the main series. Instead, he will take part in the spin-off movies with a very different storyline.

As a result, the end of The Walking Dead TV show had to change entirely. Rick was the lead character in the comics, and when his story ended, the comic’s story ended with just one issue that showed the future he helped form through his work in the Commonwealth. Daryl might take that role, but it won’t be the same.

Rick Kills Dwight To Protect His People

There was a key moment in the Commonwealth that was not only shocking, but it was a moment that Rick Grimes finally convinced Pamela Milton that he was there to make it a home for him and his people. Dwight didn’t trust them, for good reason, and he was about to assassinate Pamela when Rick killed him.

It was shocking. Rick had killed a lot of people throughout his journey, but he mostly protected his people. When he shot Dwight in the head without warning to save Pamela, it was the last bad guy moment for the hero of The Walking Dead. Rick won’t be back and Dwight has moved on to Fear the Walking Dead, so this won’t happen in any manner.

Sebastian Murders Rick Grimes To End The Main Story

When Rick Grimes died, The Walking Dead comic ended. Without Rick, there was no story to tell because this was his story and his journey. When Andrew Lincoln left the man show, this stopped being Rick’s story and it won’t be his story again, at least in the main series.

The final moment in the main story saw Pamela Milton’s son come in and murder Rock Grimes in his bedroom. It was shocking and Sebastian went to prison for the murder. This not only won’t happen, but if Daryl is Rick’s replacement, it won’t end that way at all since there will be a Daryl and Carol spinoff series.

Michonne Finds Her Daughter

Michonne played a big part in the survivors giving the Commonwealth a chance. That is because she learned when she reached the town that her daughter never died as she thought she did. She was alive and living in the Commonwealth and she had her mom’s picture on a Missing Person’s poster.

Michonne left to find Rick when actor Danai Gurira chose to depart the cast. That changed two big things in how the story ends. She won’t find her daughter, and instead, the TV show changed it to newcomer Yumiko, who found her brother. It was nowhere near as touching as the Michonne story was.

Michonne Becomes The Judge In The Commonwealth

There was also a big change with Michonne leaving that was also moved to Yumiko. After finding her brother, Yumiko began working as a lawyer in the Commonwealth, and it pretty much still is her taking on Michonne’s story. The problem is that it ruined one big moment.

Michonne became the judge in Commonwealth. This led to that last issue where she tried a case when Carl was brought in on charges. Her long history with Carl made this a special moment. However, that can’t happen because both Michonne and Carl are gone.

Carl Begins A Feud With Lori’s Son Hershel

When Carl Grimes died, it did more to ruin the end of the comic book storyline playing out on TV than even Rick Grimes’s death did. That is because, while Rick died and that ended the main story, Carl lived to the end and was part of the next generation of survivors after they joined the Commonwealth.

Also, there was Lori and Glenn’s son Hershel. The two young men began a feud, as Hershel was taking zombies around like a sideshow for money and Carl chose to kill them because he didn’t believe anyone should keep the dead around. With Carl gone, this won’t happen, and that is disappointing because Hershel’s reason for why he did it was heartbreaking.

Carl Marries Sophia And Lives Happily Ever After

Carl also got married and started a family once the survivors made it to the Commonwealth. He was distraught and untrusting of many people and he lived on the outskirts, but when Rick died, his son was still there to carry on the legacy.

Judith will likely take on that role, although it won’t mean as much since she didn’t get to grow up with her father. It also ended Carl’s chance of marrying Sophia and leading the way for those who started rebuilding society.

Rick Grimes Becomes A Legend To The Commonwealth

The one issue that took place after Rick Grimes’ death took place years later. Carl was still there with his wife Sophia, Lori was the President of the Commonwealth, and Michonne was the judge. There was also a new generation of kids growing up without knowing the dangers of the zombie apocalypse.

They owed all this to Rick Grimes, who was honored with a statue outside in the Commonwealth. Even with the kids not knowing the significance of this man, the statue showed how important he was at the end of this story.

Jesus And Aaron Remain Together

In that last issue, Carl set out and met up with a lot of people around the country. Eugene was still alive, although the woman he married had died, and he helped put together a new railway track. He left food for Negan, who was now a hermit but was still alive.

Two other people that Carl mentioned were Jesus and Aaron, who were still out, living their best lives together. Aaron was the man who represented the LGBTQ+ community on the show for a long time, and after losing the love of his life, he moved on to Jesus. Sadly, Jesus died on the show, so Aaron won’t get this ending.

Carl Tells Rick’s Story To His Daughter, Andrea

There were a lot of rumors that when The Walking Dead ended, it would show that this was a story that Rick Grimes was telling people about the friends and loved ones he lost and those who survived the zombie apocalypse. That was close.

Instead, it was Carl Grimes reading a book to his daughter, Andrea, about her grandfather Rick Grimes and how he saved so many people and was the strongest man he knew in his life. Carl is dead and Rick is gone. Andrea was changed, so there’s no reason for Rick’s grandaughter to have that name. This entire Walking Dead ending is impossible for so many reasons thanks to changes throughout the series.

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