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The Walking Dead: 8 Spin-Offs Fans Would Like To See, According To Reddit

Fans of The Walking Dead have taken to Reddit to pitch the spin-off series they would like to see as the main story nears its end.

The 11th season of AMC’s The Walking Dead is will conclude the series’ main storyline, but a string of confirmed spin-offs and movies will keep the post-apocalyptic universe alive (or undead) for years to come.

Although the news that Carol and Daryl’s spinoff will no longer be made after Melissa McBride could no longer participate in the project (via TV Line) may have disappointed some fans a little, attention has now turned towards Maggie (Lauren Cohen) and Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) spinoff, Isle of the Dead. It was certainly a pairing that no one had expected. However, it has led to a lot of excitement as some fans on Reddit are wondering what the writers have in store for them and who they believe should also get a spinoff series too.


KatzitoNoncyng suggests an Oceanside spin-off exploring the events before their introduction to the main series, stating that “the scene where the Saviors kill all their men sounds hard as f**k.” Although The Walking Dead is renowned for its strong female characters, devoting more attention to the female-led community would add a deeper dimension to the universe.

Some users disagree that this would make for entertaining viewing, with the original poster claiming that they do not care for the group. However, a spin-off that allows more breathing space for the community to develop would naturally strengthen the connection between the characters and the viewers.

The Saviors

KatzitoNoncyng also proposes a similar spin-off idea to their Oceanside pitch, but one from the Saviors’ perspective, “before they meet Rick’s group, Simon massacring those boys, the leader before Negan, etc.”

There are countless other storyline possibilities that could come with this pitch, such as one detailing Negan’s rise to power, one showing how Morales (Juan Pareja) lost his family and fell in with the Saviors, and one that shows the outpost attack from an alternative perspective. With the right producers, it could work.


A Rosita (Christain Serratos) spin-off, as pitched by littlered_356, could go down a number of avenues, despite the user admitting they “have a feeling [that Rosita, Aaron, and Gabriel] are all dying” this season.

One possibility is to detail her story starting pre-apocalypse, to her finding her original group and then later, Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Eugene (Josh McDermitt). Other options could include a mid-series segue, filling in the gaps to her main arc, or a depiction of the events following the finale in an entirely new setting and situation, should she survive.

Aaron And Gabriel

Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), particularly the latter, are two characters who have had significant character arcs on The Walking Dead. It has been entertaining watching their combat skills and teamwork evolve over the seasons, resulting in some of the most impressive fight scenes in the later episodes.

It is unsurprising then, that littlered_356 suggestion of an “Aaron & Gabriel spin-off” is positively received. Despite their gut feeling that both characters will die in the finale, it would be interesting to see how the duo develops further over time, or, perhaps, a series outlining the past events that contributed to this development in more detail.

Decades After

User Doom4104 suggests a spin-off set decades after the apocalypse, covering the New Commonwealth, Reformed Civic Republic, Western Alliance, and other new nations, stating that “Lots of cool stuff can come from a time period like that […] maybe with an adult Judith as a lead character.”

This would open up doors for fresh new storylines, character arcs and situations. While it would be interesting to see how other significant figures from the main series fare later in life, this would be a great opportunity to revitalize the universe after 11 seasons of the same people and groups.

Rick And Michonne

Since Michonne (Danai Gurira) left mid-season in search of Rick (Andrew Lincoln) after finding clues to his survival, fans have been anticipating the pair’s long-awaited return. Although it is possible they will reunite in the upcoming Rick Grimes movies, fans feel that a spin-off series would be a more suitable method of executing Michonne’s mission.

User Extra-Laugh6929 says, “I would love to see Michonne finding Rick, and them together, eventually finding the group.”

 What Happened To Rick? 

Few details about the upcoming The Walking Dead movies have been released since the announcement back in 2018. But it is known that the potential trilogy will be a continuation of Rick’s story, filling in the gaps since his departure in the helicopter in season 9.

However, as in the case of a Rick-Michonne storyline, fans feel that a spin-off series would provide a more satisfying level of detail, with user Realshawnbradley saying, “Forget the movies, I’d like 3 seasons of what happened to Rick.”

What If…?

By far the most popular pitched idea comes from original poster danimonimo28, who says “I would love to see a what if? Spin off, like what if Negan didn’t lose Lucille, what if Rick didn’t kill Shane [etc]”.

The proposed format would follow that of Marvel’s What If…? series on Disney+. It would be entertaining to see how things might have panned out for the characters if certain big events never happened, but also interesting to consider how the smaller decisions and moments impacted the overall narrative.

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