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Gal Gadot Flaunts 58 Carat Pearl with 51 Carats of Sapphire In Striking Necklace

When not filming a big Hollywood feature film actress Gal Gadot Wonder Woman often models With the photos below the mother of three said shes so honored to front the new Tiffany & Co collection Botanica Tiffany & Co describes the dandelion medallion above as a showstopping round brilliant diamond of over 12 carats at its centerThe famous shows her daughters constantly in her networks showing how big and beautiful they are but we had not seen her youngest daughter until now.

His fans assured that of the threeis the most similar to Galand they showed their amazement at how much it has grown Wow I cant believe how big she is she is beautiful like you of the three the little one is your clone how beautiful your daughter is she is beautiful and wow as beautiful as her mother were some of the reactions in networks We take a little family vacation before the next adventure Just the five of us good food and lots of nature Now I am more than ready to launch into an exciting new project said the actress.

In the video above Gadot wears a necklace made of diamond chains of over 47 total carats with a South Sea white pearl of over 58 carats which is juxtaposed against the spiky texture of customcut sapphire thistle orbs of over 51 total carats in this striking necklace Above Gadot models a orchid designed brooch which can also be worn as a pendant Tiffany & Co say the artisans sculpted the platinum to form petals and accented each with painterly brushstrokes of 18k yellow gold.Share


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