BLACKPINK Lisa Goes Black, Pink: Check Out Her Fits That Are Absolute Bliss

BLACKPINK member Lisa and her comrades Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo are noted for their expanding influence on fashion in addition to dominating the K-pop and music news cycle. Last year, Lisa was selected worldwide brand ambassador for both BVLGARI and Hedi Slimane’s CELINE as the group’s rapper. The quartet quickly established itself in the industry after its debut in 2016, and its particular fire would soon light up the world. They’ve become regarded as a versatile group eager to display all of their unique sides while conquering their lady crush concept with powerful power anthems and a musical style that extends from EDM to slower tracks. BLACKPINK is a famous pop girl group from South Korea. Lisa can pull off a wide range of ideas! Lisa’s black outfits, like the name of her band, give her a girl crush vibe, whilst her pink ones are cute.

To begin with, something about Lisa in an enormous jacket screams “cool.” Lisa’s magnetism shines even more in her dark street clothes. She enjoys the laid-back appearance in classic colors like black on most days. We adore her in black because it gives her an impenetrable aura.

She can, on the other hand, do a complete 180 and channel her retro sweet side! In a pink cardigan, on the other hand, she’s the epitome of adorability! With pink hair, pink nail paint, and a pink shirt, Lisa looked triple lovely. Lisa appeared to be the girl in college who everyone admired. Finally, Lisa’s dazzling smile is accentuated by her bright clothing. Lisa is always stunning, whether she’s dressed in black or pink.

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