BLACKPINK Lisa Is A Trendsetter In These Vintage Outfits: Are You Loving Them?

Today, we're taking a look at Lisa, a BLACKPINK alum, and what makes her style so amazing. Continue reading for more information.

Even if K-Pop singing isn’t your scene, you’ve obviously heard of BLACKPINK, the South Korean girl band that has taken the globe by the blitz. Their tunes, which blend danceable sounds with great singing and lyricism, aided them in gaining notoriety. Fans have been pulled to them because of their clothing, and Lalisa Manoban, a.k.a. Lisa, maybe the greatest of the three. Lisa is a genuine fashion hero because of her willingness to take risks, wear bright colors, and bring back vintage designs. We were motivated to spotlight some of her greatest trends after viewing her varied style.

1. While patterns are always in style, we can’t forget about the adaptability of a polka-dot dress. Lisa wore the two together to Michael Kors’ Spring 2019 show, demonstrating how amazing the statement-making design can look when worn with flowers.

2. She isn’t afraid to go all out when it comes to her wardrobe choices. Lisa stood out from the crowd when she appeared on Good Morning America in 2019 wearing high-waisted, patterned jeans, combat boots, and a hefty belt, a look that set her apart from the crowd.

3. T-shirt love: We adore our basics, but Lisa argued that a checkered and puff-sleeved top should be substituted for a casual, plain top. Jeans, slacks, and skirts become more fun and feminine with this fast change.

4. Lisa is such an expert at layering that she once wore a grey sweater dress, which is difficult to pull off, but she understood how to dress it up. Layering it over a button-down created an unexpected look that reminded us of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.

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