BLACKPINK Lisa Recalls How She Met Jennie And Her First Impression: Read

Blackpink is one of the most popular K-pop girl bands all across the globe. The star vocalists of the group have time and again given us some grand goals with their beautiful looks on stage. While the girls share a gorgeous bond with each other, Lisa and Jennie have got a special one.

Speaking of the bond, Lisa said, “I met Jennie first, and then after that, I met Jisoo and Rosie.” She added, “I remember Jennie was the only one who said hi to me in English… We were super close… Jisoo, I remember when I first saw her she wore a red hoodie and she came to practice wearing that every day and Rosie had a guitar with her… She’s the same age as me so it was exciting to have a new friend come in.” as quoted by India Today.

Not just that, Jennie also made an emotional speech for Lisa after a performance, and praised her for ‘high energy, she also called Lisa her baby sister.

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