BLACKPINK Lisa To Rose: Stay Fit And Fine With BLACKPINK’s Daily Diet & Workout Routine

Lisa To Rose, here take a look at the Blackpink members and be fit like them

Blackpink is one of the most popular K-pop girl bands all across the globe. The star vocalists of the group have time and again given us some grand goals with their beautiful looks on stage, and also have settled us with major fitness goals. And that being said, the girls follow a strict diet regime and fitness routine.

Saying that here we have shared the girls’ daily diet and workout routine that would leave you all kickstarted to follow up your own fitness journey.

1. Lisa

Lisa keeps it easy and relaxing when it comes to food. She doesn’t put too many restrictions on her food regime, her favorite foods are Pad Thai and salmon pokebowl. The secret to her beauty is she eats a lot of fruits and drinks a lot of water.

2. Rose

Rose takes up her diet regime starting off with a light breakfast. She drinks a lot of water and a lot of fruits and works out regularly.

3. Jennie and Jisoo

The duo practise Aerial yoga together. The duo earlier has shared several videos and others on their social media handle, and often leave their fans all motivated with their work.

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