Gigi Hadid

Monsoon Is Coming To An End & With Snow Fall Weather Approaching, We’re Looking At Gigi Hadid’s Cues Cropped Sweaters That Are Just Fantastic

Take inspiration from the best of the best, Gigi.

Gigi Hadid brilliantly takes each trend and makes you want to grab it right away, whether it’s bathrobe-inspired coats or lazy-girl sweats. Her stylish combination has all of the hot-girl sensations of a crop top but is far more elegant. Structured trousers and sparkly chains provide the perfect amount of contrast. One of Instagram’s most popular style themes right now is layering sandy earth tones. But all that khaki needs a little help to avoid seeming monotonous — thankfully, Gigi recognizes the importance of texture. Check out more of her cropped sweater looks below.

Here’s proof that there’s nothing that Gigi cannot pull off. Gigi wore a beige turtleneck cropped sweater from Orseund Iris, white cropped jeans from 3X1, beige platform lace-up sneakers from IRI NYC, and gold Vogue sunglasses.

Forever in trend! Gigi walked out in the classic Tommy Hilfiger cropped sweater and chic bell-bottom jeans. Basic yet stylish.

Yet again a Tommy Hilfiger cropped sweater to again remind you that she can pull off anything quite literally! She is wearing a mauvish pink jacket and blue skinny fit jeans.

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