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Coolest Shades Looks Of Hollywood Celebs: From Selena Gomez To Angelina Jolie

Shades play a vital part as accessories especially on the face of celebrities from the entertainment industries.

Celebrities are very particular about their everything as they always appear in front of the camera and whenever they are in front of the camera, millions are watching them. They have to be perfect in their appearance or looks, choice of outfits, or else they will be the headline next morning.

One important accessory that stars carry with them is shades or sunglasses. Many big Hollywood superstars rock in their glasses looks. Many of their followers even try to imitate their idols. Many stars have their signature style glasses that are usually seen in.

Just as Kim Kardashian is normally seen in her oversized sunglasses. Taylor Swift likes to wear colourful wayfarer-style shades. Apart from these two, many celebrities take risk of wearing something experimenting in their eyes whereas there are people in the entertainment industry who likes to stick to the traditional one.

A celebrity is rarely spotted and that too without the sunglasses. Usually, everyone carries sunglasses, and that too aviator style or square wayfarer one. The oversized glasses or the round shape has started to become a favourite of celebrities. They wear it in day time but also wear it at night as glasses complete the basic accessories for them.

Check out few celebrities in their shades and sunglasses that will surely inspire you to take one:

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