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The Walking Dead: The Best Villains, According to Reddit

There have been dozens of villainous characters in this series, but these few are ranked higher on the list.

With The Walking Dead coming to an end this fall (the date of the finale episode is yet to be confirmed), fans are eager to see what surprises are awaiting them in the conclusion – and if the villains will get what they deserve in the end.

There have been dozens of villainous characters in this series, but some stand out more than others. Throughout the years, the core crew of survivors has gone through such hardships with other people that it’s easy to forget the danger started because of the threat of the undead. However, it wasn’t long into the apocalypse that it became clear the real threat was the people fighting to survive, often using sinister methods.

7. Gareth

In the first episode of season 5, Carol saves the group from Terminus. However, that doesn’t end the danger Gareth and his Terminus group put the survivors in. Gareth doesn’t meet his end until they standoff with Rick’s people in Gabriel’s church.

While Gareth is considered to be low on the totem pole of threats the group has faced over the years, fans can’t forget the terrifying cannibals that lured the characters into danger. Reddit user Thau831 said, “I thought Terminus was perfect for bringing the group to their feral survival state.” Gareth may be somewhat easily forgettable for many fans, but the deception of Terminus was certainly a turning point in the group’s ability to trust.

6. Hornsby

As Hornsby is the most prominent antagonist in the first two halves of season 11, it’s likely he’ll be the final villain in the series. Though many viewers were anticipating Pamela, the Governor of the Commonwealth, to be the antagonist, it’s looking more like the assistant governor is going to be the true dark side of the community.

Reddit user VenganceNeos1 mentioned how he felt other fans were underrating Lance Hornsby as a villain. With Hornsby seeming hungry for power and control, he’s not only putting Hilltop in danger but also endangering the people within his own community. However big of a villain Hornsby becomes, fans are hoping Carol will end him before the finale.

5. Pope

Pope seemed to be a serious danger towards the end of season 10 and the first part of season 11, but he was killed off quite quickly before he made a considerable impact on the main characters. However, Maggie does come back and inform the group that they killed nearly her whole community, though the audience never actually gets to see this.

Though Pope isn’t considered one of the most dangerous villains in the series, certain fans think he doesn’t get enough credit. Reddit user Stiles2187 said, “I found him intimidating, I enjoyed it when he was on screen cause he was unpredictable and spoke with conviction.”

4. Shane

There are still some fans that liked Shane and were sad to see him leave the show so early. However, he is still considered one of the best villains in the series. Though he was part of the group, he betrayed Rick first by being in a relationship with his wife and then later when he tries to kill him.

Some fans on Reddit would argue that they didn’t see Shane as a villain. However, there’s a clear plotline for Shane shifting from a protagonist to an antagonist. Reddit user Bigvizz13 said, “he was a protagonist that fell from grace.” Whether or not fans liked his character, that doesn’t change the fact that he plotted against the group (especially Rick) and attempted to murder his best friend.

3. Alpha

After the show skipped ahead several years, it was about time the showrunners introduced a new villain to add suspense to the storyline. Alpha was the leader of The Whisperers, a group of people that dressed in walker skins and essentially worshipped the world of the dead.

Some fans were even surprised she was ranked so low on the best villains, despite being in the top three. Reddit user Otaku3times said, “I thought she and her pack were so unique and refreshing.” After a number of villains who thought they were doing what was best, regardless of how delusional they may have been, Alpha was the most deranged and primal villain.

2. The Governor

There is some argument as to whether or not the Governor was worse than Negan. Though the Savior’s leader beat him in the poll, many fans believe he was the most sadistic of the villains. The season the Governor terrorized the group is still one of the highest-rated seasons of the series. No fan is going to easily forget the unexpected death of Hershel by his hand.

Reddit user SevenLeg said, “The Governor, he was the [villain] when the show was at its peak.” After the Governor, it took the group a long time before they were able to trust people. When Terminus came soon after the final showdown with him, the group become far more cautious of other survivors, even after they found Alexandria.

1. Negan

Negan was responsible for several notable deaths, including Abraham and Glenn, and later on Sasha. Some can even argue he was responsible for Carl’s death, despite that the teen was actually bitten by a walker.

When debating which villain was the best, one Reddit user Unlikely_Road7922 said, “How can it be anyone other than Negan? He bashed Glenn and Abraham’s brains out and then went on to eat spaghetti in Rick’s own house with his son and daughter.” Negan was certainly the most intimidating villain to date, despite the fact that, after years in a cell, he has recently altered from an antagonist to a protagonist many fans are now rooting for.

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