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Keanu Reeves Had The Most Humble Reaction Ever To Getting His Motorcycle Hit

Keanu Reeves once again showed why he is the nicest and most humble actor in all of Hollywood reacting to his parked bike getting hit.

Nearing his 60s, Keanu Reeves continues to be the nicest and most down to earth dude in all of Hollywood. He never speaks ill or passes judgement when it comes to anyone and in addition, the actor despite his fame walks through life like a regular guy. Even if that means getting past a crowd of fans at the LAX airport on his birthday.

Yet another a humble moment took place for the actor when his parked bike got it. His reaction to it is the most Keanu reaction you’ll ever see.

Keanu Reeves Feels A Therapeutic Release When Riding His Bike

It is common knowledge by now, Keanu Reeves loves to ride his motorcycles. As he revealed alongside Adventure Bike Rider, riding is more than just a passion, it is something he adores as a therapy to let go.

“I love everything about motorcycles,” says Keanu.

“I love how riding clears your mind and the feeling of freedom it gives you. I’m probably happiest when I’m out on the road going as fast as possible. I can’t explain to you how beautiful it feels to be able to ride through the canyons or be able to take the Pacific Coast freeway and feel the ocean breeze. I love the feeling.”

Well, fans were eager to see what would happen when someone put a dent in Keanu’s passion… literally. The actor’s bike got hit by a woman driving a Mercedes. Despite all the attention, Keanu reacted in the most Keanu way possible, something that made the fans adore him that much more.

His Reaction To Getting Hit Was The Most Keanu Reeves Response Ever

Ellen Hollman, Keanu’s Matrix co-star said it best, the actor is among the most humble in all of Hollywood and it isn’t an act or anything fake. “Keanu Reeves is not someone who desires attention, does not desire the limelight, he does not desire acknowledgement nor does he desire accolades,” Hollman says, with some reverence.

“He is by far the most humble artist that I have ever had the honor of meeting. As a fellow performer, who’s been in the industry over 20 years, I can say that his heart and his kindness are what has allowed him to become the megastar that he is today.”

Hollman was dead on with her assessment of the actor, especially when it came to his motorcycle situation. Keanu wanted no attention, despite the fans, media and police being present. Instead, he wanted to check of the lady was okay, while riding off as if nothing happened. Fans can see for themselves.

Adding to the moment, Keanu didn’t even check his bike twice, briefly glancing at it and saying it was okay, something that even the police officer was taken aback by. Ultimately, when the actor realized the lady was okay, he was focused on leaving the scenes. After his third try, the bike was back in motion and the actor was able to drive off into the sunset, doing what he loves.

Fans Praised Keanu Reeves For The Way He Handled The Situation

When asked by Jada Pinkett what he thinks about be considered the most humble man in Hollywood, in classic fashion, the Matrix star side stepped the question. Instead, he stated that he simply lives with passion, doing the things he loves.

“Let’s go for motorcycle ride, let’s read. I love going to the movies. For me, my work is that as well. I often sometimes get asked, ‘You know, you’ve been at this for a while’, and they’re like, ‘Do you still love it?’ “And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I love it even more’. For me, work is life.”

The moment on platforms like YouTube had nearly one million hits, and it should not come as a surprise that the comments were completely complimentary towards the actor.

“This is the most humble actor I’ve ever met in person. He’s so soft spoken and he makes you feel like you are the most important person around when he’s speaking to you. Like you are equally vested in the conversation, however brief it may be. Too bad they’re not all like him.”

“He rides bicycles and rides public transportation often, I know I have had him twice on my bus in LA. He is just the nicest and down to earth person.”

At the age of 57, Keanu continues to be the leading example for everyone in Hollywood.

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