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Here’s Why Fans Keep Thinking Megan Fox And MGK Might Be Expecting

At the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, Machine Gun Kelly dedicated a performance to his and Megan Fox's "unborn child".

Confusion, craziness, and crassness. The whole gamut of reactions swept across the internet after Machine Gun Kelly’s emotional performance at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. The music star attended the event with fiancée Megan Fox, who stole the show in her stunning black and sequined gown. During the show, MGK performed his song ‘Twin Flame’, prefacing it with the words ‘I wrote this song for my wife,’ before delivering the hit single. On finishing the song, he added, ‘And this is for our unborn child.’ Megan appeared to have an emotional reaction to the performance, looking on thoughtfully.

The phrasing Colson used appeared to be a double admission – that Megan was now his wife, not wife-to-be, and that she is either currently pregnant, or as some fans have speculated, has recently lost a child. This is not the first time that pregnancy rumors have swirled around the couple. So how many other times has this happened? And what do fans think MGK meant with his words?

Many Fans Think That Megan Fox Actually Miscarried

The combination of MGK’s reference to their ‘unborn child’ and Megan’s emotional reaction to her husband’s words has led many to believe that Megan has sadly miscarried, and is not currently pregnant.

‘megan fox isn’t pregnant, she had a miscarriage. that’s what colson meant in the second part of the son,’ explained one user on Twitter.

And Some Thought The Media Was Being Very Insensitive About Megan Fox’s Situation

Others lashed out, slamming the media for assuming that Megan is expecting and stating such news sources were being insensitive towards the couple during a very difficult time.

‘All the news articles about Megan and kells are so f**king insensitive,’ said one fan. ‘Why would you congratulate them on their loss? Why would you ask if Megan fox is pregnant? It’s actually pissing me off how ignorant and rude they’re being.’

This Is Not The First Time Fans Have Speculated About A Possible Megan Fox Pregnancy

While speculation about possible pregnancies is certainly common amongst celebrities in the media, Megan and MGK have had more than their fair share of questioning about whether they are soon to have a baby. The couple’s frankness about their personal lives and willingness to discuss future plans has only stoked the fires of speculation, with news headlines regularly suggesting that the couple are expecting.

Rumors Also Swirled After The MTV Video Music Awards

News outlets were also reporting that Megan and MGK may soon be hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet after the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards. Megan attended together with close pal Kourtney Kardashian, and announced to the world “New York, I need you to get extra loud for our future baby daddy’s,” before Kardashian continued, “Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker!”

MGK’s reference to an upcoming “surprise announcement” also got fans excited for possible baby news.

Megan Fox’s Instagram Photo Got People Talking

Fans also hurried to suggest that the Jennifer’s Body actress might be expecting after her Instagram post was released in February, with the caption ‘Was going for business casual Bratz doll.’ Some online users suggested that her stomach appeared different to normal in the image. No announcement followed this time, however.

People Also Read Into A Song From MGK’s Latest Album

The release of Machine Gun Kelly’s latest album Mainstream Sellout back in March also caused pregnancy rumors to resurface. The track ‘Twin Flame’, which MGK also performed at the Billboard Music Awards last week, features the sound of a heartbeat along with the cryptic lyric “Go to sleep, I’ll see you in my dreams. This changes everything now I have to set you free.”

While some theorised that the audio might be Megan’s, or that of MGK’s late father, others jumped to conclusions that the sound might be that of an ultrasound heartbeat.

MGK And Megan Fox Have Reportedly Been Planning A Family Since Last Year

Pregnancy rumors also flared up last year, after a source stated that Megan and her beau were actively planning their family together. “Megan would love to have a baby with MGK,” a source exclusively told Life & Style. “They’ve already discussed it.”

Despite the source adding that “They both want to wait a couple of years,” because “They’re having way too much fun right now”, this didn’t stop fans speculating about an immediate pregnancy.

So Are MGK And Megan Currently Expecting?

The couple are yet to confirm the truth behind MGK’s ambiguous statement at the music performance, and so it remains to be seen whether he and Megan will soon be parents together, or are going through a deeply upsetting loss at this time. Whatever the case, fans are being supportive towards the couple, and are excited for what their iconic romance has in store over the coming months.

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