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10 Roles Scarlett Johansson Could Play In The DCEU

Scarlett Johansson is famous for her role in the MCU, but there are numerous DC characters she'd be great as now that Black Widow's run is over.

Scarlett Johansson was a bonafide A-lister before she joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, her role as Black Widow cemented her as one of cinema’s ultimate movie stars and turned her into the highest-grossing actress in Hollywood history, according to Variety.

Black Widow died during Avengers: Endgame, effectively ending Johansson’s tenure in the MCU. And now that she’s free to pursue other roles, she might consider a stint at Marvel’s darker counterpart, the DCEU. After all, there are several DC characters she’d be perfect for, and fans would surely love to see her in the gloom of the DCEU.

Poison Ivy

Fans have wanted to see Poison Ivy in the DCEU for years, but her appearance doesn’t seem to be any closer. At this rate, Robert Pattinson’s Batman might get to fight Poison Ivy before the Mistress of Plants gets to join Harley and Catwoman as the DCEU’s Gotham City Sirens.

Should Ivy join the DCEU, Johansson would be a good albeit safe choice to play her, and fans would also greatly enjoy seeing her romancing Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. However, an LGBTQ+ actress might be a better choice for the role, so while Johansson would be a perfect fit superficially, Ivy might be better elsewhere.


Starfire is best-known as the de-facto leader of the Teen Titans; even as an adult, her connection to the Titans is indelible. The princess of Tamaran has a long history in DC Comics, becoming one of the best-known yet weirdly underrated characters in the canon. Starfire’s troubled relationship with Nightwing is another crucial part of her characterization.

Most adaptations traditionally portray Starfire as a teenager, but there are several instances where the character appears as an adult. Should the DCEU choose to go adult with Starfire, Johansson would be the perfect choice to bring her to life. The lack of a Nightwing in the DCEU would also allow Starfire to exist outside the relationship, thus opening the door for a deeper exploration of her character.


On the other hand, Johansson might go the villain route and opt for an antagonistic role in the DCEU. Blackfire, Starfire’s evil sister, often acts as a minor villain of the Teen Titans. However, her storyline is interesting enough to warrant a more layered approach in live-action.

Some of Scarlett Johansson’s best movies involve her portraying femme fatales, especially during the early years of her career. Blackfire would be a return to those types of roles, and Johannsson would excel in it. Playing an antagonist would also mean Johansson wouldn’t have to commit to another long-term engagement, and Blackfire’s raven hair would help separate her from Johansson’s previous comic book role.

Killer Frost

Several characters have assumed the Killer Frost moniker over the years, with Crystal Frost becoming the first incarnation. The Caitlin Snow version became notorious following the success of the long-running The Flash series, in which she’s one of the main characters. However, Louise Lincoln might be the best version, with a rich backstory that would easily translate to the big screen.

Killer Frost is best known for her association with the Suicide Squad. Johansson joining James Gunn’s corner of the DC Universe would be a dream come true, and both would probably go all-in with Killer Frost’s ruthlessness, turning her into a dangerous yet alluring foe.


And speaking of ruthless members of the Suicide Squad, Enchantress is another name that comes to mind. One of DC’s most powerful and dangerous magic beings, Enchantress struggles to maintain her humanity while dealing with the dark personality of The Succubus, the being that grants her magical powers.

Enchantress already appeared in the DCEU, played by Cara Delevigne, but the less said about David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, the better. Hardly anyone would be sorry to see Delevingne recast, especially if someone like Scarlett Johansson took over the role. Johansson could perfectly embody the Enchantress’ antihero traits, breathing new life into the character.

Baroness Paula Von Gunther

Despite being Wonder Woman’s first recurring foe, Baroness Paul Von Gunther remains largely unknown to mainstream audiences. A cold-blooded and ruthless Nazi mastermind, Paula would eventually become the vessel of the demonic entity known as Dark Angel.

The Baroness is one of those DC villains that have tremendous big-screen potential. Johansson would relish the chance to play a devious spy in a WWll, and the Wonder Woman series would certainly benefit from an A-lister playing the villain, especially considering the mixed reception to Cheetah and Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984.


Unlike other comic book heroes and villains, the Superwoman doesn’t have a specific civilian identity; instead, multiple characters have used the moniker over the years, friends and foes alike. However, the most intriguing might be the one that’s a member of the Crime Syndicate of America and acts as an evil counterpart for Wonder Woman.

Multiverse stories are all the rage right now, and while DC’s version is still a year away, there’s always room for more. The third Wonder Woman film could feature Superwoman as the villain, and who better to bring her to life than Johansson? The actress has the physicality and the acting chops to do the character justice.


Giganta is one of those Wonder Woman villains fans couldn’t help but love. Her origin story is utterly bonkers — she was a gorilla who mutated into a red-haired woman via an experiment –, but that only contributed to her enduring popularity.

The villain in the third Wonder Woman needs to be strong and intimidating enough to make her a real threat, and what’s more menacing than a rampaging giantess? Johansson would sink her teeth into the camp aspect of the role, creating an unforgettable rogue that would be equal parts menacing and fun.

Star Sapphire

The second Star Sapphire, Carol Ferris, was one of the best characters introduced during the silver age of comics. She served as Hal Jordan’s love interest before becoming the Star Sapphire, a villainous entity that battled her former lover. Ferris would later become an anti-hero and occasional heroine, and the Star Sapphire name would be shared by several women, much like the Green Lantern moniker.

Star Sapphire is an interesting-enough villain to warrant a movie of her own, but she would also work as the antagonist of a Green Lantern project. Johansson would bring some much-needed prestige to the film, and god knows the Lanterns need all the help they can get.


Circe is arguably Wonder Woman’s archenemy. Based on the Greek mythological figure, DC comics depict Circe as a stunningly beautiful woman with considerable magical powers, a massive ego, and a penchant for turning humans into animals. Even so, Circe is not all bad, and she’s one of the most prominent DC characters that go from friend to foe and back.

The third Wonder Woman couldn’t fail with Circe as the villain. She’s deliciously wicked, the kind of villain that would contrast perfectly with Diana’s kindness. Johansson would be brilliant as Circe, capturing the character’s malevolence perfectly. It would be the definition of perfect casting.

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