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Megan Fox In Pink Bikini Dress With MGK Gives Off Barbie-Ken Vibes

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK vibed in pink for his documentary premiere “Life in Pink” and gave off the perfect Barbie-Ken vibes, albeit with a punk rock twist.

This is not the first time the PDA-friendly, TMI-giving, OTT-matching couple has gone monochromatic, and matching down to the nails, and it’s hardly going to be the last. Given that Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling are also shining in pink, for “Barbie”, the comparison is but natural, especially on Instagram.

Machine Gun Kelly Mentions Mental Health In “Life In Pink”

Megan Fox & MGK give off Barbie vibes in pink
Instagram | MGK

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have been together since 2020, around the time the “Papercuts” singer also lost his father. While the romance was on, so was his struggle with mental health and as MGK reveals in his new documentary that just premiered on Hulu, there was a time he nearly committed suicide.

Recalls Colson Baker, who uses the stage name Machine Gun Kelly, whose father died on the first anniversary of his “Hotel Diablo” album, “I flew to my dad’s apartment to clear all this stuff out. I had this really weird interaction with this neighbor who told me all these things I didn’t want to hear. That f—– me up even more because I couldn’t get closure on it. I wouldn’t leave my room and I started getting really, really, really dark.”

At the time, Fox was in Bulgaria on a shoot and MGK began to get paranoid. Said the singer, “I started getting this really wild paranoia that someone was gonna come and kill me. I would always sleep with a shotgun next to my bed, and like, one of the days, I just f—— snapped.”

He called Megan Fox and began to berate her for not being there for him, and actually put a shotgun in his mouth. Said the father of one, “I’m yelling on the phone and like the barrel’s in my mouth. I go to cock the shotgun and the bullet as it comes back up, the shell just gets jammed. Megan’s like dead silent.”

As is revealed in the documentary, both Fox and MGK’s daughter, 12-year-old Cassie Colson Baker went ballistic on him and this was the time he realized that he had to get clean and he has been in therapy since. One of his biggest struggles, as he reveals in “Life in Pink” is the dichotomy of being Colson Baker and Machine Gun Kelly.

MGK Feels Megan Fox Is Like The Sun

Megan Fox & MGK give off Barbie vibes in pink

Megan Fox and MGK have been going strong since 2020, with blood oaths, blood-drinking, matching tattoos of voodoo dolls, and whatnot between them, and MGK seems to be basking in the heat.

He talks about Megan Fox in the documentary, saying, “Megan became like the sun to me — like the one that I revolve around and gives me life and like helps me grow. It’s just like every fairytale that they never told you in school, that they never taught you. Like the passion between us is otherworldly. I know I’ve known her in so many other lifetimes.”

The couple certainly follows some strange rituals, doesn’t bother about trashing expensive outfits to have sex in, and is also more than happy to match their outfits to each other.

Megan Fox and MGK cannot get enough off each other
Instagram | Megan Fox

Megan Fox & MGK Give Off Barbie-Ken Vibes

Megan Fox & MGK give off Barbie vibes in pink
Instagram | MGK

For the premiere, Fox began by dying her hair a platinum pink. A dual-toned minidress with a near bikini-like top from designer Nensi Dojaka with strappy bubblegum pink heels, and a pink manicure completed the punk-rock Barbie vibe.

The rapper not only dyed his hair a rather electric shade of Fuschia but chose to wear a pink, long-sleeved turtleneck that went blue and naked at the midriff. Ivory pants and some silver and pearls completed his looks, and again, looked very Ken, with a ’70s flower-child vibe.

Machine Gun Kelly, who goes by the Instagram handle the blonde on, captioned the pictures as “unfortunately no tops were cropped in the making of the Life In Pink documentary”.

Fans not only loved the look but also felt it had a Barbie-Ken vibe to it, like this:

As far as the documentary is concerned, fans loved that too, with one writing a rather heartfelt note: “Tears in my eyes watching this last night. Everything you said to me would happen has happened. Thru the adversity, the struggles & pain man you did this shit nobody has done.”

Here go Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, in the pinkest of pinks. And do check out the Pink Power Ranger!

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