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See Megan Fox In A Skintight Dress That’s Like A Disco Ball

Megan Fox is no stranger to social media, racking up a huge following there thanks to her just general fame and the willingness to post some pretty racy fashion choices. Frankly, it’s one of the biggest reasons fans flock to her account and she’s happy to deliver the goods when the time is right. One of those times was today. Megan Fox took to the social media platform to display another piece from her fashion line and this one didn’t disappoint with the outcome looking very much like a skin-tight disco ball.

The fashion line that Megan Fox is promoting is called Boohoo and it’s been something she’s posted quite a bit about lately. This time was no different with the outfit a glittering and glimmering piece that fits right in line with her overall style and gestalt. It didn’t take long for this to attract a massive response with the Instagram posting gathering more than 290K likes in a little over six hours on the platform. It was posted by both Megan Fox and the Boohoo line. You can see everything below and understand why there’s been such a crazy response.

This part of the Boohoo fashion line is the second release from Megan Fox with it coming as part of a summer-themed package of outfits. The others that she’s posted are all of a similar theme and have gathered close to the same response from fans and fashionistas. There’s a variety of different offerings including dresses, suits, lingerie, evening wear and more with many of the pieces able to be mixed and match depending on the occasion. This one, labeled a mirror disc mini dress will run you about $90 dollars all said and done.

Fashion isn’t the only place Megan Fox is making waves lately with the actress staging something of a big-screen comeback over the last couple of years. Most recently she starred in Big Gold Brick alongside Andy Garcia and Oscar Isaac, though that film failed to land with critics after its February release. And last year saw her with a star turn in Til Death in which she had to escape a romantic weekend that saw her being stalked in her own home. She also had roles in Midnight in the Sawgrass and Night Teeth.

Unfortunately, some of the critical negativity did carry over to the movie Good Mourning which was released back in May. That was written and directed by current boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly and is sitting at a solid 0% on Rotten Tomatoes through six reviews. Whoops. There’s hope for a turnaround when Expendables 4 is released, presumably sometime this year. She has an undisclosed role in what will be Sylvester Stallone’s last turn through the franchise.

In all, Megan Fox continues to make waves on the screen with a number of different offerings, and her Instagram fashion posts clearly are still getting major traction. On that front, the reviews have mostly been of the positive variety.

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