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‘Walking Dead’ Actress Alicia Witt Asks For Privacy Following ‘Surreal Loss’ Of Her Parents’ Death

Alicia Witt’s parents were found dead inside their Massachusetts home merely days before the holidays.

Walking Dead actress Alicia Witt is grieving the loss of her parents just days before the Christmas holidays.

As per the New York Post, the bodies of Witt’s parents Robert (87) and Diane (75) were discovered at their Massachusetts home on December 20. The actress got in touch with a family member who checked on her parents after she didn’t hear from them for “several days.” In a statement released, Witt requested privacy so she could face what had happened, and begin to come to terms with the “surreal loss.”

Alicia Witt Is In Disbelief

“I reached out to a cousin who lives close to my parents to check on them. Sadly, the outcome was unimaginable,” Witt said in a statement released via E! News.

The actor urged her well-wishers to give her time and privacy to grieve over what had happened. “I ask for some privacy at this time to grieve and to wrap my head around this turn of events, and this surreal loss,” said Witt.

The Worcester Police Department wasn’t permitted to reveal the identity of the deceased, but they confirmed to the publication that a male and a female were discovered by authorities at the residence.

Lt. Sean Murtha of the Worcester police told local media that “police were dispatched to the residence” and that there “were no signs of foul play.” The case is, however, under investigation, and the medical examiner’s office will determine the cause of death.

Additionally, as per Telegram and Gazette, police said Robert and Diane were using a space heater due to furnace problems. But firefighters have confirmed that there were absolutely no signs of carbon monoxide in the home.

A neighbor also told the Gazette that the couple rarely stepped outside their home, and they appeared to be ill for some time.

Alicia Witt is a Nashville-based musician, author, and actress. She has appeared in David Lynch’s Dune (1984) as Alia Atreides, she played Paula in season 6 of The Walking Dead and also played Gersten Hayward in Twin Peaks (1990). Witt’s other appearances include Two Week’s Notice (2002), Last Holiday (2006), and multiple Hallmark Christmas films.

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