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5 Marvel Characters Jason Statham Could Portray

Rumor has it Hobbs and Shaw and The Transporter star is making his way to the MCU. Here are a few possible roles he could occupy.

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to grow beyond any possible estimation, the big actors who have made an appearance will outnumber those who haven’t. With so many lovable characters still exclusive to the comic book page, every new performer joining the fold presents a huge opportunity. Iconic English action star Jason Statham made his name playing hard-living tough blokes in a variety of films both big and small. In the modern age, he’s best known as Luke Hobbs in the iconic Fast and Furious franchise and its over-the-top spinoff Hobbs and Shaw. Though largely unsubstantiated, some have claimed he’s on his way to the MCU franchise. Whether those rumors are true or not, it’s likely a matter of time before the Expendables star makes the leap and joins the Marvel universe.

Union Jack

Technically, one version of this character has appeared in the MCU, portrayed by JJ Field in Captain America: The First Avenger. However, like many Marvel heroes, Union Jack is a name that applies to three different people. The version that served alongside Steve Rogers in World War II was James Montgomery Falsworth, the first Union Jack. The second is Falsworth’s son Brian, who inherits the mantle and gets powers from a knock-off of Captain America’s super-soldier serum. The third and current version of the character is Joseph Chapman, and he’s perfect for Statham.

Chapman is the working-class son of a shipbuilder who dons a bulletproof suit and carries a dagger and pistol to fight crime and aid the people of England. Chapman is granted superhuman strength by the Knights of Pendragon, but he eventually returns to his better-known peak human form. Statham has a long history of playing men who use violence to save the day, doing it in a cool suit would be the perfect role for the star.

Pete Wisdom

Assassin, spy, and mutant, Peter Paul Wisdom is a lesser-known hero with a strange role in the Universe. Born to a Scotland Yard detective, Pete takes on a life of espionage early and makes new developments in the field along the way. After growing tired of wet-work assignments, Pete works with fellow mutants like Kitty Pride to defeat foes like the Hellfire Club. He possesses the mutant ability to channel ambient heat or solar energy and wield them as claws that burn like the sun.

Wisdom is a capable spy first and foremost, and his superhuman abilities make him extremely dangerous. He serves as the head of MI-13, the latest in an ever-evolving series of escalating organizations tasked with addressing constant weird happenings in England. Wisdom works with underhanded tactics like espionage and blackmail to defeat comic book supervillains, he’s fascinating. Statham loves Machiavellian characters and portrays a ton of spies, he’d be perfect for the role of this lesser-known English G.I.

Baron Blood

The brother of the original Union Jack goes in a slightly different direction than his heroic brother. He sought out Dracula, found him, and fell prey to his hypnotic powers, transforming him into a powerful vampire. Dracula sends the newly christened Baron Blood back to England, to wreak havoc on the country that once spurned the original vampire.

Baron Blood is a villain who does battle with Sam Wilson. He’s risen by Baron Zemo as a weapon against the new Captain America and serves his purpose well. Fans might struggle to see Statham in the silly costume, but many MCU characters appear without their trademark look. There’s no reason Statham should play the hero, and a vampire with hardened hand-to-hand combat skills could be a great role for him.


A D-list hero if ever there was one, Darkhawk is an unknown hero developed by combining parts from other heroes into a new package. He comes complete with energy blasts, the power of flight, Wolverine claws, and a set of cool armor that makes him one of the best single exemplars of 90s comics.

James Gunn has done some incredible work with lesser-known comic book characters and another creator could bring Darkhawk into the spotlight. Statham could portray the character to great effect by playing him straight or creating a hilarious parody of his cinema gimmick. Darkhawk may never enter the MCU, but if he ever does, Statham would be great for the role.

The Thing

Ben Grimm has been portrayed on the big screen a couple of times, to terrible effect. But with The Fantastic Four finally joining the MCU as a long-awaited tent-pole, it’s time for a new Thing. The Thing typically comes with a tough New Yorker accent, but an aggressive cockney might do the trick. This would likely be a CGI character, but, like Thanos, Statham could provide the voice and facial expressions for the team’s beloved muscle. There are tons of interesting characters in the Marvel catalog, and whichever one Statham might end up portraying, will probably become a fan favorite.

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