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See Megan Fox Go Roller Disco Bikini For Her Party

Megan Fox posted a new photoshoot on her Instagram page, which shows her in a gold bikini for a roller disco party.

Megan Fox is known for throwing on some wild outfits for her photoshoots and just random appearances while in public. The newest comes in the form of a roller disco party where she is seen flaunting a revealing bikini. She is joined by her fiance and singer Machine Gun Kelly in one of the photos, which you can see above.

While the theme of her party is roller disco, Megan Fox is sporting some high heels that would certainly not cut it as roller skates. This collection is clearly meant to be a photo shoot of some kind, but she does look fantastic in this outfit. Everyone seems to agree as the collection has gone well over being viral with 3.1 million likes.

Megan Fox is staying busy with posting on her Instagram and her many upcoming movie roles. She recently starred in the stoner comedy, Good Mourning, alongside Machine Gun Kelly. The movie was more of an underground feature, the same as her newest. Johnny & Clyde.

megan fox

It is a bit strange that Megan Fox is doing more underground features considering she has been part of many blockbuster films. In fact, she is getting ready to start filming her part in the next sequel of The ExpendablesThe Expendables 4 is said to be the last in the action star franchise, with Fox taking up one of the many roles in the ensemble film.

From there, Megan Fox is going to lend her voice to Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin. While this film might sound like an odd project, it already boasts a cast that includes Fox, Gerard Butler, Kate Winslet, and Elliot Page. The mystical dolphin film is set to release in June of 2023.

Megan Fox might be enjoying starring in some more underground films, but she still knows how to land the bigger starring ventures. She might just be wanting to branch out and star in random films that she thinks are worthwhile to her. It’s not as if the starlet has any trouble landing roles that are of a bigger nature.

Despite Megan Fox holding a place in acting, she could easily leave that world behind and take on modeling. She happens to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet, and she continually shows her expert-level photo shoots on her Instagram page. Whether she has hired someone to take these photos, she always looks spectacular in them.

Fans of the actress can always get a sneak peek of her amazing outfits on her Instagram page, as she is mostly quite active on her social media channels. As far as the acting game is concerned, everyone can rent the Good Mourning comedy that she starred in alongside Machine Gun Kelly. If that is not exciting enough, The Expendables 4 sequel film is going to be released sometime next year.

Megan Fox is vivacious and quite an actress. She clearly is quite talented, and we love seeing the random outfits she comes up with on her social media challenges. We certainly couldn’t rock a roller disco outfit like that, but we are certainly happy that she did.

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