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Simply stunning: Megan Fox is ‘Absolute Chaos’

Megan Fox would always keep us on our toes, never knowing what to expect from her fashion-wise and in her Instagram captions. The actress has learned the art of dropping provocative one-liners, or like she once said, people just get triggered by her words.

While her style is always a conversation topic, we’ve not spoken enough about her pink hair moment this summer. She soft-launched the hairstyle on her feed with a sultry video.

Sassy, Sultry, Sexy – That’s Megan Fox!

Fox wore a light pink wig parted down the middle and straightened to the tip. She paired the hairstyle with an iridescent hot pink two-piece outfit showing off her midriff and slender figure. However, the video focused on her seductively licking the glaze of a thick donut.

The camera sequence then moved to shots of Fox taking a selfie with her iPhone and playing with her hair. It also gave a closer view of her ruched mini skirt.

A Real-Life Barbie In New York

Fox and her fiancé Colson Baker a.k.a. Machine Gun Kelly, twinned pink hairstyles for his Hulu documentary, Life in Pink premiere. She showed up in a mini pink dress with a cut-out triangle top and strappy pointed-toe sandals, while MGK wore a pink and blue long-sleeve top tucked into white pants and sneakers.

The couple matches each other in style; hence they always compliment themselves when they make public appearances. Although Fox captioned her picture “Absolute Chaos,” it was anything but chaotic as they coordinated shades of pink flawlessly.

A Power Couple

Fox and MGK looked good at his Brazil stop last spring tour. The actress wore an animal print mini dress with thin straps and platform stiletto sandals. She paired her dress with a black leather jacket and wore her natural black colored hair with extensions.

On the other hand, Kelly covered his pink hair with a black face cap monogrammed with a pink C. then wore a two-toned black and pink t-shirt over black pants and complimentary sneakers.

Roller Disco Babe

The couple’s latest joint appearance was at Beyonce’s roller disco birthday party. Fox is back to her long, straight black hair, but she sparkled that night in an all-silver ensemble from her top to her mini shorts, high platform sandals, stockings, and leg warmers.

She also painted her eyes a sparkly silver to match her outfit and adorned her ears with chandelier earrings.

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