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Megan Fox dubbed an ‘intellectual queen’ as she swears she is smart

There is no denying that Megan Fox is drop-dead gorgeous, but the actress and model isn’t just a pretty face. Aside from beauty, she has a lot of brains too and her latest Instagram picture has her expressing just that.

In a sarcastic and witty caption, Meg spoke about how smart she is and how that’s “all people notice about her.” Fans were quick to chime in dubbing her an “intellectual queen” with some even mentioning previous interviews regarding her thirst and knowledge for science.

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Meg Fox says her smartness is “all people notice about her”

Meg’s latest Instagram post has fans of the star in a frenzy as she poses in an eye-catching and bold outfit. Wearing corset leather trousers and a skimpy top paired with a plaid shirt and a red fluffy hat, Meg looked gorgeous.

At the end of the post she shared a picture of a passage from a book that she was reading which had a passage highlighted that said:

One of the many distinctions between the celebrity and the hero, he said, is that one lives only for self while the other acts to redeem society.

Revealing her skin, Meg had a playful and ironic caption for the post and we are living for it. Meg titled the pictures:

Guys, you don’t understand it’s just like… really hard when the only thing anyone ever notices about you is how smart you are.

The Transformers actress is used to having people acknowledge her simply for her looks, with many people in the past disregarding her intelligence and other personality aspects. However, the star has proved countless times before with her wit and intellect that she is a whole lot more than a pretty face.

Fans dub her an “intellectual queen”

The post received over two million likes within 24 hours and countless comments from friends and fans. Boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly commented saying, “that’s why I love you” followed by a brain emoji.

MGK has previously complimented his wife on her intelligence and has said it was one of the reasons he fell in love with her.

MTV chimed in on the post saying, “You’re the smartest”. One comment hilariously said, “You dressed up like this to read a book?” More comments read, “intellectual queen” and “brains and beauty!”

Another fan acknowledged how smart Meg actually was, saying, “I actually heard that in an interview… they said they felt dumb after talking to you… and you know a lot about science.”

Meg’s IQ is higher than Bill Gates

Meg has proved many times in interviews, and in general, that she is a smart woman. According to Quora, the Jennifer’s Body actress has an IQ of 149, which is higher than Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos and she only scores 3 points less than Michelle Obama and Elon Musk.

It’s true about her passion for science as she has regularly lectured at USC and UCLA as a guest of the physics faculties her theses being quantum particle velocities in a 40 percent vacuum.

Megan also co-researched a paper on the behavior of atomic species which are found in the plutonic remains of the Speccandoqes comet last seen in 1957 which coincidentally was a geophysical year.

Meg Fox really is an “intellectual queen.”

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