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Megan Fox Helps Transform MGK Into An ‘Avatar From The Year 3050’ With Wild Makeover: Watch

When Megan Fox sat Machine Gun Kelly down in the makeup chair, the 'Concert For Aliens' wanted to look like he came from the future – and his fiancée got to work.

If James Cameron needs another person to be a Na’vi for one of the upcoming Avatar sequels, all he has to do is call Machine Gun Kelly. MGK (b. Colson Baker, 32) went on Instagram Live with his fiancée, Megan Fox, and his assistant Olivia Stone on Tuesday (Oct. 4) for a makeup contest. Megan, 36, and Olivia were having a contest to see who could do a better job. “Can you give me a Doja Cat? Like how she does it,” MGK said early into the session. “Make me look gnarly. … do futuristic.” MGK requested that he gets transformed into an Avatar from the year 3050.

MGK sat shirtless while Megan and Olivia went to work. He enjoyed a glass of wine and a view of The Office while the makeup was painted onto his face. However, as things progressed, MGK became less enthusiastic about being a beauty guinea pig. When Megan brought out the fake eyelashes, that was it. “I said make me look like 3050!” he said, per Entertainment Tonight. “Give me blood coming out of my nose. I don’t want lashes. No, you’re not putting these on me! Nope, and I’m done. And we’re done. Thank you guys for joining us live I don’t know what the f-ck just happened and peace!”

Megan and MGK (Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock)

The Live session should put to rest the rumors of a breakup between MGK and Megan Fox. Over the summer, fans noticed that the two had kept a low profile, and some took that as a sign of an impending breakup. However, they are “far from breaking up and still fully planning on getting married,” a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY in August. MGK, at the time, was finishing up the final dates of his global tour in support of Mainstream Sellout. His focus was on his job, but after the last dates in mid-October, the two will “focus on their wedding.”

“They both joke about running off to Vegas and eloping, so that’s always a possibility,” an insider said, adding that “no one would be too shocked” if that happened.

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