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All You Need To Know About A 2023 Film “Heart of Stone” Starring Alia Bhatt And Gal Gadot

Heart of Stone, a thriller starring Jamie Dornan, Alia Bhatt, and Gal Gadot, has a new trailer from Netflix. The new video included behind-the-scenes footage from the movie as well as a look at the action sequences. Shared on Tudum: Netflix Global Fan Event was the video. On the platform, almost 120 titles were announced.

“You know what you signed up for-no friends, no relationships,” the voiceover says as the video begins. What follows is nothing less than a brief sequence of dreary highways, deserts, explosions, and a sight of a perplexed Alia. “What we do is too vital.

Heart of Stone promises to be a very epic novel. It’s a very real, gritty action thriller. Gal says in the trailer, “We really wanted to make sure we kept it authentic so people could experience the anguish. She assumes the role of protagonist and CIA operative Rachel Stone. Her character’s name is Keya Dhawan, but we don’t know a lot about her, and Alia continues, “It has these personalities that you connect with and feel for.” The movie will have a vast scope, according to Jamie Dornan’s pledge.

Alia shot a number of action scenes while she was expecting. She had told Variety earlier in the year how well taken care of she had been by the crew. “I was shooting an action movie for the first time, so it was my first big-budget Hollywood production in the English language. But there were so many layers for me to manage because I’m also expecting. But they handled everything for me in a seamless, simple, and comfortable manner. I will never forget it because I was treated so lovingly and well during it.

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