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Brad Pitt is favored over Angelina Jolie in massive poll despite accusations against him

Why is it that people seem to believe Brad Pitt over Angelina Jolie in their case?

Even though Angelina Jolie’s accusations are jail worthy against Brad Pitt, there still seems to be a large chunk of people who favor the actor. The Hollywood Reporter conducted a massive poll to their readers that offer quite a bit of clarity to why this might be happening. It is a strange phenomenon that has been constant for years but more prominent in 2022, it directly affects the #MeToo movement and women all around the world. One poll was conducted before pointing out the accusations against Brad Pitt and another one after.

The results are staggering as very few percentages of people changed their favor of Brad Pitt, they simply seem to like the actor. But there is far more contecxt to explain about this strange phenomenon. Even if Angelina Jolie’s accusations are true, people still seem to like the actor a lot more than they like her. This is due to a ver specific movement that goes directly against #MeToo. It all began with another actor, who has perpetuated the idea that women and their accusations against men are not to always be trusted.

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Details of Brad Pitt child abuse scandal: he’s been accused of choking and hitting his children.MC

It all started with Johnny Depp

In what is already considered the most publicized trial in human history, Johnny Depp defeated Amber Heard in court during a defamation law suit. The actress had to pay millions of dollars in damages after the jury found many of her accusations to be untrue. However, paying that money was the least of Amber Heard’s problems. She has been attacked by various fronts over her profile as an anti-feminist woman and a celebrity who is hurting women’s rights.

The fact that the jury found her accusations unfounded during the trial created a public perception of her that is going to be nearly impossible to shake off. On the other side of the coin, we have Johnny Depp and his road to redemption in front of the public. Regardless of how toxic his relationship was with Amber Heard and despite his own mistakes against her. Depp now has the people’s favor and that’s where all this hate against women celebrities has originated from.

Other women who are currently in ongoing cases such as Angelina Jolie or Evan Rachel Wood have been affected by the aftermath of the Depp vs Heard trialBrad Pitt has always been liked my millions of movie goers around the world. It will have to take actual physical or video evidence of him doing something terrible in order for people to change their perception about him. Angelina Jolie is currently losing her battle simply by looking at the public’s perception of her and her ex husband.

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