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Anne Hathaway recalls her reaction to the 9/11 terror attack

Anne Hathaway has recently opened up about her reaction to the tragic 9/11 terror attacks while promoting her new movie Armageddon Time.

On Friday, the Devil Wears Prada star appeared on Good Morning Britain show where she shared her thoughts on James Gray’s movie.

Based on two boys growing up in the Regan era, Hathaway pointed out that the movie is “full of moments” where the boys “experience or realise” things that compelled them to “grow up overnight”.

Recalling the heartbreaking day, “the September 11th”, the Intern actress said, “I was 18 years old when that happened and I don’t know that any of us have ever fully recovered from it.”

“I just remember seeing some kids on that day and thinking, ‘They’ll never know the world I grew up in. It’s over,’” she remarked.

Meanwhile, Armageddon Time also features Anthony Hopkins and Jeremy Strong in the lead roles.

It pertinent to mention that earlier this week, Disney announced that a new Princess Diaries movie is in progress.

However, Hathaway hasn’t signed the movie till now.

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