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Gigi Hadid’s Mom Yolanda Shares a Rare New Photo of Two-Year-Old Khai

The family doesn't share photos of Hadid's toddler daughter very often.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s two-year-old daughter Khai made a very rare appearance on her grandmother Yolanda Hadid’s Instagram yesterday. Yolanda gave a look at Gigi, herself, and Khai together at the stable in a new post. It’s one of the first times the public has seen Khai as a toddler.

Yolanda wrote about social media in her caption, saying, “Living life, present and in the moment…. After my 10 month social media detox I am trying to figure out a healthy way of connecting with my online community without making it a daily thing because posting and engaging in social media can take up too many hours of my day. Maybe [it’s] the escape of the everyday struggles we all face but it also makes you disassociate from real life connections, missing out on real time conversations and blessings.”

yolanda, gigi, and khai together


Yolanda’s new photo comes shortly after Gigi’s interview with ELLE was published, where Gigi spoke about how Khai sees her.

“She obviously sees me in every state and way, and whether she knows it or not, I’m going through and learning through life with her,” Hadid said. “I think that she has a really realistic kind of 24/7, around-the-clock view. We’re up chatting in the middle of the night if she’s up; we’re talking about, I don’t know, random stuff, but it’s fun. Having a daughter, although it shifted my life to make me really want to feel more settled, has also really made me appreciate the chaos as well. Being at shows and shoots and just being in the city again; being around friends [after] becoming a mom, with everyone also coming out of COVID—I have an appreciation for both sides of it.”

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