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Sexy winged eyeliner is a classic beauty favourite, Gigi Hadid and Deepika Padukone agree

The cult classic sexy winged eyeliner may have been out of fashion for a hot minute, but now it’s here to stay. Many celebrities have been doting over this look for the past few weeks. From the red carpet, and photoshoots to being paired with Indian outfits the versatility of this look is obvious. In ancient Egypt, winged eyeliner was used to prevent bacteria from entering the eye and keep wrinkles at bay. In today’s application, eyeliner is used to complement the natural shape of the eye, enhance the eye and give it that snatched and lifted look. When you’re running late on a busy day or when you’re not in the mood for elaborate makeup, a swipe of your eyeliner will polish your look.

Accentuating addition

Deepika Padukone’s ensemble for the Oscars has left all the fashion critics stunned. Her retro look entailed a velvet off-shoulder mermaid-style gown with matching gloves by the fashion house Louis Vuitton and her jewellery by Cartier. For her hair, she opted for a low perched tousled bun. Since her makeup served the primary purpose of an accentuating accent, she went for a natural finish, with matte nude lips and a sexy kitten winged eyeliner. Pro tip: When drawing your eyeliner, the stem of your spoon works perfectly as a stencil to get that sharp finish.

Perfectly pair it

The Dream Girl 2 actress shows us how to immaculately blend multiple statement makeup looks together. Apart from her sexy eyeliner, her makeup includes a bold red lip, watermelon pink blush, shimmery ombre eyeshadow and full brows. The focal point of her look is the bold red lip and eyes and she has opted for a minimal and neat upward curved eyeliner to complement the rest of her eye makeup. Ladies remember, in case you make an error while drawing your eyeliner, do not fret, apply a tad bit of concealer on the error and wait for it to dry before you proceed.

Flirty feline

A familiar struggle everyone faces is finding the right outfit and makeup look for their date nights. Bookmark Gigi’s look for when you step out with your beau next, her Zac Posen dress perfectly snuggles her curves while her makeup gives her a subtle sexy vibe that will make any man go crazy. The supermodel opted for a long flatter eyeliner look that enhances the natural shape of her eyes and contrasts against her eye colour. Her blonde tresses have been styled to perfection in beach waves.

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