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“I was sitting with all my bruises and cuts”: Angelina Jolie Cried Because of $703 Million Franchise Movie That Made Her an Action Star

Angelina Jolie is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, known for her impressive range and captivating performances. She has starred in numerous critically acclaimed films such as Girl, InterruptedChangeling, and Maleficent. However, there is one movie in her filmography that stands out from the rest: Tomb Raider.

In 2001, Angelina Jolie starred in Tomb Raider, a movie adaptation of the popular video game series of the same name. Jolie was already a household name at the time, having won an Oscar for her role in Girl, Interrupted, and starred in several other successful films.

Angelina Jolie Did Not Want To Be Tomb Raider

Angelina Jolie.
Angelina Jolie.

Despite her success, Angelina Jolie was hesitant to accept the role of Lara Croft, the fearless and adventurous protagonist of the Tomb Raider franchise. In an interview with Collider, Jolie said she “didn’t feel like that character suited” her.

“I said, ‘I really didn’t feel like that character suited me.’ I actually didn’t at first want to do it; I said no,”

Some people in her inner circle even advised her against taking the role, believing it was beneath her after winning an Academy Award. However, Angelina Jolie was determined to challenge herself and take on a new role.

Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider
Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider

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Angelina Jolie’s decision to take on the role of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider proved to be a physically and emotionally taxing experience for the actress. The film required Jolie to perform her stunts, which included triple backflips, bungee jumps, and surfing through the air on a thin log. While Jolie’s love for stunts impressed the film’s director, Simon West, it also took a toll on her.

After a few months of intense physical training and performing her stunts, Angelina Jolie began to doubt her ability to do justice to the role of Lara Croft.

“One night, I was sitting in my bathtub with all my bruises and cuts. I was crying and thinking, ‘What am I doing? I can’t pull this off? I can’t even keep the guns straight. I keep hitting myself with her stupid braid. But after a few months of pushing yourself, you’re suddenly swinging on a bunji rope and realizing, ‘Wow, I’m not hitting the wall.’”

Despite the doubts and challenges, Jolie persevered and pushed herself beyond her limits. She recounted moments in her bathtub, crying and wondering if she could pull off the role. But after months of practice, she found herself swinging on a bungee rope and realizing she wasn’t hitting the wall anymore.

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Angelina Jolie: Not Your Average Lara Croft

Angelina Jolie.
Angelina Jolie.

While Tomb Raider helped Jolie discover her love for performing stunts and pushing herself physically, it also made her realize that acting alone was not fulfilling enough. Jolie admitted that acting did not bring her the fulfillment she sought. She expressed her belief that a sense of purpose and being connected to the true meaning of life bring true happiness.

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Angelina Jolie’s passion for humanitarian work and her desire to make a difference in the world is a testament to this. She advocates for various causes, including women’s rights, refugees, and the environment. For Jolie, being an actress is just one facet of her life, and finding a sense of purpose truly matters.

Angelina Jolie’s experience with Tomb Raider demonstrates the challenges actors face when taking on physically demanding roles. Jolie’s willingness to take on a new role and push herself physically and emotionally has helped her become one of Hollywood’s most respected and successful actresses.

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