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Nicolas Cage says Keanu Reeves once hustled him at a game of pool: ‘He was making these impossible shots’

Nicolas Cage had an interesting flashback about Keanu Reeves recently while doing a Reddit AMA.

The Oscar winner was asked what his favorite Reeves movie was, which prompted Cage to talk about the time he lost a game of pool to the “John Wick” star.

“Keanu kicked my ass at billiards one night,” he responded on the AMA. “He came up to my house on his motorcycle, and he was making these impossible shots.”

“He said, ‘now I dunno if I can get that shot or this shot,’ and he made every single shot,” Cage continued. “So I have mixed emotions about the skill that Keanu has because he completely dominated me at pool.”

But, finally, Cage did answer the question.

“Umm, I like some of the early stuff like ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,'” Cage said. “I thought he was great in ‘River’s Edge.’ He was just great in that movie, yeah.”

Image of celebrity Keanu Reeves in a tux attending the 92nd Annual Academy Awards.
Keanu Reeves. 
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In a few weeks, both stars will be battling at the box office.

Currently, Reeves is out in theaters with “John Wick 4.” On April 14, Cage will be seen in the horror-comedy “Renfield,” in which he plays Dracula and Nicholas Hoult plays his long-suffering servant.

Recently, Insider spoke to “Renfield” director Chris McKay and he revealed that Cage got so deep into playing the Prince of Darkness that he would stay in character between scenes.

“Whatever scene we did he would still be 100% living in that attitude after we stopped shooting,” McKay said. “So if he’s a little frosty in the scene he’s going to have a little bit of that between takes. But still up for whatever we were doing.”

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